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"Beats a pen pal, I guess"
Associated Press


Beats a pen pal, I guess

Associated Press

(AP) Residents of Clarksburg, W.Va., are in an uproar over letters mailed to them by J.T. Colfax, a janitor who lives in a boarding house in New York City. Since December, Colfax has sent about 300 letters, addressed to names drawn from the phone book, that are "a huge mix of everything, completely mundane details of what I bought at the store today to going out and having sex and how that went," Colfax says, adding that his campaign is a "literary project" meant to ease his loneliness and to help to "introduce homosexuality to small-town America." He intends to finish his "project" this December, but in the meantime, "Clarksburg can survive me," he says, "so stop hacking at me you bucktoothed, overall-wearing, inbreeding clowns."


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