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"Colfax on parting the bars"
By J.T. Colfax
Boulder Weekly


Colfax on parting the bars
by J.T. Colfax

Finally, the yard here at the jail is open with some sort of regularity. Winter lingered. On June 19th I've been here two solid years. I forced some sort of action like this. I was out of control.

But where is it written that I should always sit idly by? I surely did witness some right good official stupidity.

As far as the Ramsey case goes, I don't see how anyone in Boulder could forget that Alex Hunter became known to have giggled six hours a day with a tabloid reporter, and worse, he rummaged through Det. Eller's police file and gave out his confidential resume. The fact that he received nothing but one spate of public embarrassment for that did not escape my eyes. Didn't I abuse the privilege of access to official papers? Isn't that what Hunter's office prosecuted me for?

This jail, easygoing as it may be, is no place to be buried this long. And in the spirit of tit for tat they reclassified me into a corner that extends my stay until July 13th. This because I leaked through the cracks in the walls via http://www.come.to/colfax to serve the cold soup of live jail to any what soap operaishly wanted to see it. Oh so many decent citizens complained and lied to jail officials about that. But with the help of a former inmate, the site went on through wave after wave of hacking, sabotage, and the filing of false reports.

Don't think I can't project my rolling eyes to the skies and penetrate to the apartments, coffee shops and bars where you might be reading this. It's unfortunate if it comes across as wanting your "down with the system" support.

Through the website you are the first community in the nation to have had the opportunity to read quicktime into the daily (not-always-exciting) activities of your local jail. And I understand everything bad you could think and fear from the possibilities. And those things could happen with some other inmate's site in the future, but here you've had the opportunity first to understand the process. And there's still a few ticks of the clock left to check it out. Unless, of course, you are too busy undulating sexually, or eating a burger and fries, or smoking cigs (are they really almost $3 now?) or drinking beer. As I pack my belongings I keep trying to think, how can I do all those things and mock Hunter's eelishness in the first free five minutes?

J.T. Colfax/Formerly of Boulder County Jail


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