An Inside View Of
JT Colfax

"1000 Noodle March"
Tuesday, July 13, 1999
Organized by Lance Matthews
To Celebrate J.T.Colfax's Release From Jail


July 1, 1999 Lance Matthews Press Release

On Tuesday, July 13, 1999 J.T.Colfax was released from the Boulder County Jail. Lance Matthews set up what he called the "1000 Noodle March" to celebrate Colfax's release. But a strange chain of events occurred that day that not only ended the relationship between Colfax and Matthews but caused the J.T.Colfax web site to be removed. Below are quotes from the news media as well as several posting done by Colfax in the weeks and months to follow that offer somewhat of an explanation.

The Daily Times-Call ("One-time Ramsey suspect set free" 07-14-1999) article quoted, "On Tuesday, his first day out of jail since 1997, Colfax led a small gaggle of reporters and friends on rambling tour of the spots he visited before trying to set fire to the abandoned Ramsey house. Toting a sign reading "Take the eel out of reelection" that he made on paper he toothpasted together at the jail, Thomas, 35, protested Boulder County District Attorney Alex Hunter and demanded that he not seek reelection next year and implored voters to impeach the eight-term incumbent."

The Denver Post Online ("Colfax free to be free spirit" 07-14-1999) article quoted, "His followers organized a mysteriously named "1,000 Noodle March'' to protest their view of Boulder justice, and to celebrate the release of James Michael Thompson, better known to Web crawlers and JonBenet Ramsey investigation devotees across the country as J.T. Colfax. But the event, advertised on some Web sites, might have been more appropriately named the "One Noodle March." Only a handful joined in the procession from Pasta Jay's restaurant (owned by Jay Elowsky, a friend of John and Patsy Ramsey) to the Boulder County Justice Center. Photographers and Boulder police, who followed at a discreet distance, far outnumbered marchers."

July 16, 1999 Colfax quoted on the Peter Boyles Radio Show:

"I think some dentures are going to drop in tea cups now, but... I had been doing an internet thing. My friend who got out of jail started putting my daily postings on the internet. He did a lot of work and everything, but we've had control issues, and I need to separate from this case, so that's why I have to do this so he stops using my name to contact people...my friend Lance Matthews is going to be angry, I'll still call him my friend. He contacts people, he's called PB at home"

"Anyway, he somehow has gotten in contact with Pam Paugh all along while I was in jail there, during the portion when I was on the internet for 9 months. And he surrepticiously recorded her and at her suggestion (he played it to me over the phone) she suggested that he and I go to the Governor's office with information on other inmates as alternative suspects."

On July 20, 1999 in personal e-mail from Colfax:

"lance took site down in anger over the tape recording revelations. He saw it as a vindictive act towards him. But it was to make sure you ALL knew he doesn't represent me anymore. In Boulder he GRABBED my legal file out of my hand to insist on putting the corpse photos in raw form on the net...like i was a commodity with no vote. I'm not gonna list ALL the events such as that, but thats why I did what i did on boyles."

On September 17, 1999, Colfax officially joined the ACandyRose Subculture Forum and made his first posting online. From then on he continued to post on the forum with various stories about his days in jail and his relationship with Matthews as well as bits and pieces of Ramsey tidbits.

One such posting (Thread: "colfax redux") on October 1, 1999 Colfax wrote:

"One thing more...the nite b4 I got out of jail some entity went to the ramsey house and did something for which the current occupants CHASED said entity off property by use of an attack dog. This was giggled to me within hours of release. Doesn't anyone GET IT why i had to break with THAT sort of atmosphere. THAT is a piece of laundry on the list. I should also point out that lance GRABBED my legal file out of my hands with every intention of posting the photos of corpses on the net. Like i was INVISIBLE...but messewers and messdames......I am not...........yee haw, ....with eine tippo les hat to connie, and auntie, and all those who popped by that other thread I did. There shall be more...........jt colfax"

On October 10, 1999 Colfax posted (Thread: "pmpt book/tv show details"):

"yes...i mean that on july 12th (removed)..aka...(removed)...entered onto the ram prop at 755 15th street and was discovered there by current renters who let loose a dog or two on her/....lance and tara giggled like hyenas when telling me this moments after i got out....but if there'd been an arrest this would have reflected terribly on me....just another reason for ditching ACCESS to this scene via LANCE. in other news I notice lance always CLAIMED to you all that the r detective FLEW to canada to check my alibi...not so...not at all. It's always been a point of contention to me that they STILL refuse to clear me....although lance has FOR SOME ODD REASON always told YOU that it's been done. He completely makes stuff up off the top of his pointed head. i don't have anything against sunny..tara...boy was she right to split from lance ....you'll note that i tell this story NOW..;.although i've been hanging around net...she wont get in trouble over it...etc. I was misrepresented to HER by lance."

"i'd say tyhe regret thing is SO HARD to answer......lance for instance....WHAT a "regret " that it had to be someone like him...a pathological liar...to get me on the net from jail;....BUT..."regret " isnt the right word because he DID post my actual wordsa and it was an interesting expereince and kept me going... I wish for the OLD lance....even when i first met him i knew he had a huge...MASSIVE lying problem....but when he became net "personality" he lost ALL sense....noithing but a hollow bitter shell....of course....i should have startyed much earlier about REGRET in genral but i wanna see if aunties about so i'll end this for now...."


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