An Inside View Of
JT Colfax

Part II
J.T.Colfax in Live Chat

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Wednesday, July 28, 1999


Continued from Part I - #thecookiejar 7-28-1999

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(Ruthee) Did you hear the recording JT
(CookieJar) Yes, please continue.....
(colfax) but fleming didn't get whole gist so cant quite write it
(CookieJar) Oh I see
(abercromb) but at least you put Lance on the spot
(shana) What did he miss?
(grapespar) do you knoiw why colfax the recordings are illegal, he can loose his probation
(CookieJar) Has Fleming tried to contact you since?
(colfax) yes, i heard several minutes of him telling pam about the guy gully who killed self and wife in houston..and she suggested the govs office
(grapespar) lets contact fleming
(shana) How did she put it...close as you can remember.
(colfax) i called him, but just now hes on vacation
(CookieJar) Grape, Fleming and Lance are thick as thieves I am told
(Ruthee) Colfax....may I do a web page on this? If you say no....I won't
(grapespar) lets cal the governor
(CookieJar) J.T., Ruthee is good at doing up a story web page
(shana) JT, say Yes! :-)
(colfax) fleming too only said he got a whiff of my probs w lance..fleming told me of probs with lance loiong ago but lance refused to believe me
(CookieJar) I trust Ruthee too
(grapespar) colfax contact matthews probation officer
(grapespar) about the illegal recordings
(colfax) absolutely not,...that is sick and wrong
(CookieJar) Grape, colfax is probably in an awkward postion right now with him also being on probation
(grapespar) laance is suppose to stay away from colfa
(CookieJar) What is sick and wrong?
(colfax) the lsarger issue is the r camp trying to get us to build this up FOR THEM
(grapespar) true
(colfax) sick is the idea of me campaigning against lance
(shana) JT, YESSSSS!!!!
(colfax) im chatting not campaigning
(grapespar) but lance is in on that with jammy and is using you as a sacrifice
(abercromb) JT, you may have already answered this before, but what are your plans now? Where are you headed, or will you be staying in Boulder?
(colfax) no one is using me now...it's a moot point now
(CookieJar) J.T., do you think the R-team is still going ot push this what Pam said?
(Ruthee) JT...do I have your permission to do a page on this recording with Pam?
(colfax) im in denver and must stay in area for 6 months..got id lately, got glasses today..ready to look for wotrk now
(colfax) what was said on boyles is about it...do you have that
(shana) Good for you, JT! Make the best of it...we know you wanted to go.
(Matilda1) thats great
(Ruthee) Well then I'll get to meet you in August.
(colfax) you coming here
(CookieJar) JT, Ruthee wants to do a web page story about the tape that Lance played for you in jail, Can she do that for you?
(Ruthee) Yes I have that.
(Ruthee) yes
(Ruthee) going to Boulder.
(CookieJar) We have the full transcript of the boyle show
(colfax) for ram journey
(shana) Lucky you, JT, to meet Ruthee...wish I could.
(grapespar) me too shana
(Ruthee) yes and to visit and meet some friends.
(colfax) time for flaming shishkabobas?
(CookieJar) Colfax....how lucky for you to meet with Ruthee !!!
(Matilda1) me too
(Denver_) I get to see Ruthee again too....YEAH
(abercromb) I've met Ruthee, and she's wonderful!
(colfax) hope im not tied down with a dull job
(BayBB) :-)
(shana) JT, have you seen Ruthee's pages on case?
(Ruthee) brb
(shana) LOL, what a relief when you get off work though!
(colfax) no..have not seen pages
(shana) (--looking on the bright side for a change
(CookieJar) Denver, is Ruthee coming to visit with you too?
(shana) JT, you might wanna check 'em out
(Matilda1) I have to go now.....nite everyone take care :-)
(Denver_) Cookie I live in the Denver area
(grapespar) will you come and chat with us often?
(grapespar) we would love to have you
(Beanie) JT... Just don't get a job with the Post Office... those damn mail slots...
(abercromb) lol
(colfax) it's hard for me to surf yet..please send elink to hotmail which i changed the password
(shana) Beanie, LOLOL
(CookieJar) Yeah, stay away from those mail slots JT. (LOL)
(grapespar) bj can do that
(Denver_) lol beanie
(grapespar) jt they are joking
(colfax) now, like zombie must go in search of mail slot
(BayBB) :-)
(Beanie) lol, jt
(CookieJar) I think if you send JT e-mail with the web link that he can just click on to then he can see the webpage
(colfax) oh, you all know i have a sense of humor about the whole thing
(grapespar) one of jammy's posters had the perp crawling in thru the mail slot to kill jonbenet
(Ruthee) lol
(CookieJar) Oh my god Grape !! That is too funny
(shana) JT, no surprise there...would've expected it.
(abercromb) they have teensy little minds, and teensy little brains over there.
(grapespar) it is true, one of the little head theories
(Denver_) Oh jammy used to have the intruder entering thru the window of the windowless room
(colfax) i'll never forget the eerie creak the inside door o f the slot made..i didn't know there WAS a door there
(shana) grape, lmao...yer kidding, right?
(grapespar) no
(grapespar) not they posted that not too long ago
(shana) You mean the slot had another door inside?
(grapespar) no the poster said the mail slot
(colfax) yes..a foot long one
(shana) grape, I believe it!
(grapespar) little bitty fart
(grapespar) the perp was
(Ruthee) He's talking about a second mail drop door.
(shana) Like, a security door or something...to prevent someone from tossing a flame inside?
(Denver_) You all have seen Puddy's Lou Smit's Intruder description, haven't you...it is a riot
(grapespar) you have to visit denver's site jt
(Scorch) lol shana
(colfax) the perp was in the house wearing the same makeup from the day b4
(grapespar) denver send him the url, he needs a laught
(Denver_) jt what is your email address
(colfax) i'd like to visit them all...especially bj's
(shana) JT, FOCL!
(grapespar) yes I was thinking about that
(colfax) jtcolfaxahotmail.com
(Denver_) thanks
(colfax) dont understand focl
(grapespar) we will all send you url's of sites you will like
(shana) Falling Off Chair Laffing
(grapespar) all you have to do is click on them
(colfax) thanks
(Beanie) JT... Lance is online... want me to ask him anything?
(colfax) no
(shana) (more typical than rolling on floor, for me anyway)
(colfax) where is he,,how do you know
(grapespar) don;t let him know jt is here or us
(Denver_) I will you the urls for my digerati parody sites...don't miss the Muppy's Mountain Maul...the RamFan Tour....it has some pix of Lancey
(Beanie) ...ve haf our veys...
(colfax) sounds like lance
(Ruthee) Don't worry, he can't find you.
(grapespar) denver will fill your day with laughter
(Beanie) We can set you up with some internet tools later, JT
(colfax) im not feeling like im hiding...he knows the truth
(Denver_) What nick is Lance using
(grapespar) we don't like the sight of him
(Ruthee) JT do you have a support system set up to help you get started now that you are out?
(colfax) but what a deadend round and round thing it is to deal with people like that
(shana) A no win, eh?
(Beanie) Lance is on AOL messenger
(grapespar) the farther away from him the better off you are
(colfax) well...tenous
(colfax) i need a job
(shana) You might avail yourself of some e-support.
(shana) What kind of work are you seeking?
(colfax) any old thing thta comes along..store clerk etc
(BayBB) I think Lance uses icansee and Matthews in IRC, but I don't show him online
(shana) What about Manpower or another temp agency...gofer type jobs?
(Beanie) JT... Maybe Access Graphics is hiring
(shana) Beanie, quit it! lol
(grapespar) LOL beanie
(Ruthee) JT did you learn to "short order" cook while you were "tied up".
(colfax) awful...absolutely awful...you get about 36 bux a day for hours in the hot sun
(colfax) and thats at access?
(shana) Did you bake a cake?
(colfax) no, i baked,,i kind of enjoyed that
(Denver_) JT, Park Meadows is begging for retail clerks
(shana) Yup, thought so! ;-)
(Ruthee) Well what about a job at a bakery or donut shop or something like that.
(colfax) yes..i did bake lots of em inncluding the pr did it cake
(Denver_) The PR cake incident was too funny
(Beanie) ...Hmmm... baked, eh? Jameson bakes too
(grapespar) bj has a good bread recipe
(Ruthee) Jameson bakes Like I build subdivisions.
(shana) Bakers or bread delivery truck jobs...early call, some pay quite well.
(colfax) yes...boring to speak of...ill find sometrhing...lots of signs everywhere..pmeadows is kind of a journey...im in nw denver
(Beanie) DO NOT bake at a donut shop, JT... too many cops
(Ruthee) lol
(abercromb) did they give you some money when you left jail to tide you over?
(Ruthee) How about a waiter at a restaurant, you have a great personality and would make great tips.
(colfax) plenty of cops near corpses too...thats why i think it was so two faced to make such a deal out of the photos
(Beanie) Ooohhh... a waiter at Pata Jays!!!
(colfax) lots of people in moret biz take em
(colfax) you know i ALMOST got a coke there yestday as i went to probation
(Ruthee) Dimmy quit, I'm trying to help FLOL
(shana) Yeah, but JT, ya think they put party favors in their mouths?
(colfax) i've seen WORSE
(colfax) so..um...yes
(shana) Really? Do tell!
(Scorch) I bet you have, JT. Black humor runs deep amongst those who look at dead bodies all the time
(colfax) there was a body builkder guy who worked at horans and all fruit are attracted to him..one of the morticians there teased him by mastrubating a dead male cxorpse
(Ruthee) OMG
(shana) Ewwwwwww (well, I asked for it)...that's GROSS!
(Beanie) rigor mortis?
(colfax) a drunk mortician in san antonio started a corpses head on fire by leaving the blow dryer on him in casket..what a mess
(grapespar) okay jt fess up you been reading at jammys forum
(shana) BEANIE!!!!!
(colfax) rigor passes after awhile
(shana) flol
(colfax) no not at all, why ask suddenly
(grapespar) that means shana is on the floor laughing out loud jt
(Ruthee) Beanie stop it I can't breathe.
(colfax) the jamy thing?
(shana) effing lol, ayep
(grapespar) she has come up with fake vagina's and some kind of glove
(colfax) same body builder threw a dead baby on the dashboard once
(shana) JT, the jams read reference is cuz stuff like this is there.
(Ruthee) JT you do know that Jams has a fake vagina and a velvet sex glove.
(colfax) oh, i see
(colfax) i did hear something about that
(shana) JT, check this: oh, i see = OIC
(colfax) oic
(shana) :-)
(Beanie) smit=shit
(grapespar) shana what does that last mean
(colfax) bj did you go to bed
(shana) A smile?
(abercromb) she got booted again, by her server
(colfax) oic
(grapespar) I think the storm took her electicity out
(shana) grape, you mean :-) or OIC or what?
(grapespar) those marks
(shana) aber, is CJ using AOL?
(colfax) then shouldn't someone say something viscous about her
(abercromb) probably
(shana) grape, yep, those are smileys
(abercromb) yes, let's say something horrible about CJ!
(grapespar) oh ok
(Ruthee) So JT do you want me to wait until after I meet you in August before I do the web page?
(abercromb) but she's sooooo nice... it's hard to think of anything
(shana) grape, tilt your head to the left...colon makes the eyes, etc.
(abercromb) and besides, her sister is HeyJudd!
(colfax) you are all on other screens too huh
(abercromb) not me
(BayBB) I am
(grapespar) you mean tilt my head while I type the colon?
(shana) I have something! It's horrible that she is using AOL tonight. (g) :::waving to Judd:::
(colfax) i just don't want to further something...i guess the story has been told
(colfax) but yes, well talk about it then
(abercromb) I missed something... what are you referring to JT?
(grapespar) ruthee's page
(shana) Answering Ruthee
(colfax) about what, i cant see what i last said
(abercromb) lol
(abercromb) (colfax) i just don't want to further something...i guess the story has been told
(abercromb) (colfax) but yes, well talk about it then
(abercromb) (colfax) i just don't want to further something...i guess the story has been told
(abercromb) (colfax) but yes, well talk about it then
(grapespar) someone tellhim
(colfax) ruthere where you coming in from
(Ruthee) California
(Scorch) WB CJ!
(shana) re wb,CJ!
(colfax) damn now we cant talk about her
(Beanie) ...shhhh.... she's back...
(CookieJar) It's pot luck tonight if I can even stay online
(colfax) now we know about you and lance and the sex doll bj
(Ruthee) lol
(CookieJar) The sex doll?
(shana) Shhhhh
(colfax) oh, i guess you'll deny it
(CookieJar) Okay, what did I miss
(shana) the little web dollie one...with strings...shhhhh
(colfax) it was on you web page believe me
(CookieJar) My Webdollie page?
(colfax) you didn't miss much
(CookieJar) You guys lost me... you been talking about me while I was away?
(colfax) just kidding you
(abercromb) no, not with your sister here taking notes!
(colfax) no
(CookieJar) Right, HeyJudd, you taking notes I hope
(shana) Hey CJ, jk about the dollie & all...but did you try NetZero and did it work better?
(abercromb) JT, it was nice meeting you... I have to head to bed. Nite everyone. Enjoyed it.
(CookieJar) Yes I got it to work
(colfax) bye
(grapespar) jt thee are people in the world that are not like lance and jammy
(Ruthee) I have to go too. Great to meet you JT....I'll do nothing without your approval...hope to see you in August.
(Denver_) I need to head to bed, too. JT it was nice talking to you and I wish you all the luck in the world
(colfax) oh, i know...it's not all that serious...
(colfax) goodbye
(colfax) well
(CookieJar) He I am still here
(shana) JT, what were you gonna say about Vancouver?
(Scorch) lol, I was just about to say that, Shana
(CookieJar) Yeah, I miss the Vancouver story
(shana) gmta, Scorch!
(shana) JT - gmta=great minds think alike (as in ditto)
(colfax) noth8iing particular..someone asked, but it's a long story which was kid of the purpose of the whole website to me..the personal disasters behind someone who ends up in the situation i did
(shana) Like a chain reaction of unrelated events?
(shana) Unintended, chance events?
(CookieJar) JT, have you thought about writing a book about it?
(colfax) yes...how much do you know from my x site abouty why i went
(shana) I don't know anything...just guessing here (sorry).
(colfax) i thpought i did with those web writings which of course need extreme editing
(shana) Extreme Editing...I like that term...may I borrow it?
(colfax) sure
(shana) Thanks :-)
(grapespar) jt, I enjoyed your writings and think you have a very good talent
(CookieJar) The PLA isn't screwing with Ruthee's email but they were at one time and now they have special security on her email because of it
(colfax) i was a walking zombie in vancouver...truly end of rope...didn't need later events when i tried to pull ttogether
(shana) JT, that's sad...hard to retrace steps, I know.
(colfax) i was tired most of time in jail, i need to see the whole set of writings again
(colfax) but it's all on paper
(grapespar) does anyone have them saved? I think I may have some
(shana) A fresh look, not from behind dem bars.
(Scorch) JT...Nothing on the web site said WHY you went. Lance made a big fuss about the WHY. Said he did not know
(CookieJar) You mean all the stuff you wrote that was on the web pages?
(colfax) yes, i'll soon have them all in printout form
(Scorch) I have some of the letters
(shana) On papers you have?
(shana) Good!
(shana) I'd like a set. :-o
(CookieJar) Where are you getting them JT if the web site is gone?
(colfax) i went because i couldn't function...didn't you seee where i posted about the maioll slot in vancouver
(colfax) im not an idiot...i had someone printing them ALL ALONG...i'm mnot gonna let that much work slip down drain
(shana) I missed it...but I hear you now.
(Scorch) yes, I did. You and mailslots....
(CookieJar) JT, when Lance moved your site to the sunnyday.com site not many posters would to to that web site to read your stuff because they feared tyhat site was run by the PLA
(CookieJar) Lance did put some of it out on the WebbSleuths forum though
(shana) JT, get a 2nd set and put it in someone's safekeeping...you think?
(CookieJar) Glad to hear that JT that somebody was saving them for you :-)
(shana) Off-premises and kept in a private place. That's what I'd do anyway.
(grapespar) like bj's, you can trust her
(Scorch) Why Vancouver? I can only think of one reason to go there: legalized marijuana ;-)
(grapespar) scorch how did you know that?
(colfax) well...it seems out of context to boil it so small down, but i went to do something klike start a fire and go to jail to stabilize..or comit suicide...but i didn't do it...tried life again...this whoole mess happened...so you see the fire at the r house was ALREADy a plan i'd been thru once and rejected...and people want to humiliate me with "publicity stunt" etc
(shana) I understand.
(Scorch) JT, that is what I thought. You were on a mission to get arrested.
(grapespar) you were asking for help and no one was listening
(shana) Not a stunt except to get yourself stabililzed in a jail home...izzat right?
(Scorch) A cry for help
(shana) Sad that at such a down time, this confluence of events occurred...some way beyond your control.
(grapespar) I thought so when I read your story from jail
(grapespar) But if it works to your good, then it is going to help
(Scorch) You have a lot of promise, JT. Just stay away from the Lances of the world
(shana) It's been a long gnarly path to where you are now, JT.
(colfax) ...well it's a horrible thing to have a thinking mind but a nerrvous situation blocking functioning...and coming to conclusion on jail for stability...so originally i thought i wish i could go to france if i have to go to jail...but unable to function for passport..i was on way to atlantic candad...the idea to learn frenc at least while i waste life..didn't make it to other side of canda
(grapespar) jt , I can't send much but would like to send you some money till you get on your feet
(shana) You have new friends. A good thing.
(grapespar) no payback required ever
(shana) Now I get it...French Canadian connection, etc.
(grapespar) jt are you there?
(shana) Sounds like it was a good plan to me.
(colfax) i don't know what to say...there are money pressures but i worry about the sniping people would do if i accepted some
(grapespar) no one will know
(shana) Do you have artwork to sell right now?
(colfax) so you never understood the use of the frenc words
(Beanie) dix oeufs
(colfax) not much to speak of there was nothing tioo work with
(Scorch) It was never clear to me that you wanted to go to France
(CookieJar) No I never did understand till now
(grapespar) I was catching on, but thought you were making fun of closer 2
(shana) JT, do you have art materials now to work with?
(shana) Other than found objects, that is. (g)
(colfax) that damn jackass lance...his attitude was that that part was'boring...and yet it would have explained the whooole thing to all readers
(colfax) no not many supplies but all in good time
(Beanie) Have you been in touch with henri?
(grapespar) lance is not a very good judge in my opinion
(shana) After all, it's YOUR story and YOUR truth...no one should interpret/extreme edit it.
(grapespar) jt who are you stayin g with now?
(Scorch) Your letters were great, anyway. I felt like I could get inside and walk it with you, JT.
(CookieJar) JT, can I ask you a question? When did you find out within your own mind what Lance was a problem?
(colfax) the stupid little postring of mine he chose to push in deference to the whole climax...i cant undertsand it..now i see why none of you think of it as a book like i did
(grapespar) Mrs. B has always been on your side
(grapespar) she loved her birthday card
(colfax) i knew all along...but WHO ELSE would do it...there was only this one ray of sun
(Scorch) Well I was a little irritated, because there were no new letters for at least a month or so there at the end, and then all of the sudden there were 5 or 6
(CookieJar) JT, do you remember the "touch of Poe" story I sent to you?
(grapespar) I can see why lance did serve a purpose
(grapespar) Jt do you have relatives?
(shana) What purpose?
(colfax) yes...it was cute...he did send that...but about the month delay...THAT was the thing that made the whole thing sensible and that jackasss deccided it wasn't important because it didn't have ram on every papge
(grapespar) he made jt known to us
(CookieJar) That story was written by "Scorch" who is in this chatroom now (grapespar) that he existed
(colfax) the purpose is that no one else would have grafted me on net
(Scorch) Those last letters that had nothing to do with Ram were the best part, in my opinion
(grapespar) that was nice of you scorch
(shana) grape, I knew about JT b4 I knew about Lance...but I guess as a conduit of sorts, yeah.
(colfax) but the whole set of writings FORESHADOWS THE CLIMAX THAT HE BURIED
(CookieJar) Well that is not necessarily true that nobody else would have... you just found him and he did it...much self serving but he did it
(shana) That sucks!
(shana) CJ, right
(colfax) no it's true..no one would have originally..
(grapespar) Jt where are you staying now, with relatives?
(CookieJar) He is staying with a freind, Grape
(colfax) he wasted all our time by hiding the ending...so many would have finally UNDERSTOOD what i thought we were doing on the net
(colfax) no with a friend from hi school and her daughter
(grapespar) BJ or ruthee will post them for you I bet
(grapespar) are you happy there?
(colfax) but how to get them back from space...i'll soon get prints only
(CookieJar) JT, do you think it is possible that he really didn't understand what you really wanted to do?
(CookieJar) JT., I have many of those web pages saved
(colfax) it's stressful here ...the child doesn't like me much
(shana) How old is the child?
(colfax) he knew the climax MONTHS in advance...he thought you'd all be bored with it, and shuffled it away fro a month
(grapespar) the child porbably doesn't know you yet
(colfax) 12 years oldf
(Scorch) Lance always said that he had no idea why JT went to Vancouver.
(shana) 12...does she play puter games?
(colfax) lies...absolute lies
(CookieJar) I am so sorry you got caught in that JT
(shana) Self-apptd extreme editor, he was. That was wrong.
(grapespar) i believeyou when you say matthews lies
(colfax) shes on the comp; all day...which blocks the phone too...very hard to communicate from hered usually
(CookieJar) Oh she goes online too?
(colfax) she TAUGHT me
(grapespar) so it is an online fight
(Scorch) Yep!
(shana) Is there a public library with PC near you?
(grapespar) over the computer and who uses it
(CookieJar) Right, JT, you can use PC's at a public library
(shana) Then she may like you if you teach her something...something computery.
(colfax) she's just very spoiled..she runs the house and tries to divide her mother and i
(CookieJar) And right now, you probably represent a bit of a road block for her
(shana) Bad situation could be brewing...maybe keep out of their relationship? Just my quick take on it.
(HeyJudd) I have to go...it was nice meeting you JT...night cookie..night everyone
(grapespar) that is natural JT , kids are selfish when it comes to sharing their parents
(colfax) i know about library, but i've got to start looking for a job...i've been doing email, and brady but i don't spend time LIKE THIS online
(shana) Tell her to checkout webley.com
(colfax) oh, i know it's natural, it's just stressfu,ll, i feel not in control with no income etc
(colfax) ok
(CookieJar) What kind of work are you looking for JT?
(Beanie) JT... You show look into a job at a library
(shana) Once you get a job, things will improve for sure.
(shana) Webley has a 30-day free trial...might be a good thing in that household.
(colfax) any work...i just had to go thru the id stuff first and unwind...now it's next on agenda
(shana) Pace yourself! :-)
(CookieJar) Well at least you can be on the computer after she goes to bed !!
(shana) Something will come up...we'll all be holding good thoughts...powerful!
(colfax) theres never time for that till you are on your own..it's like a commune with drop ins around here...my friedn is an ATTRACTOR of people...i'm a loner
(CookieJar) I do understand that completely
(colfax) she's sitting in front of me now...no bedtime...completely wild (shana) You probably have little or no privacy there. All in good time...job then apt.
(CookieJar) JT, are you on good terms with your sister?
(colfax) well, it's better than jail thats for sure
(shana) Not good at 12.
(shana) LOL, yep!
(colfax) yes, but no one wants me to LIVE there
(CookieJar) Oh I know how it is when I have my two grandchildren overnight, one is 8 and one is 10 and I can't get near the computer
(shana) No other family in the area?
(colfax) nope...i WANTED TO GO TO CALIFORNIA but that wasnt allowed
(CookieJar) JT, did you ever have plans to move to New York with Lance at all?
(shana) Heck, the point is you'll get a job soon and can move on your own. That's the plan.
(shana) 6 months, right?
(shana) Are you on probation for 6 months?
(CookieJar) Shana, he is on probation till January 2000
(shana) About 6 months.
(colfax) yes, tentatively but he just greew more mogulishly stuck up sick...he thinks he's a star cuz 400 or so people in the net know him and argue about him
(CookieJar) Oh my God, well I got news for you.... he is not a star
(shana) Again, sounds like someone else we know.
(colfax) it would have been good to START to rebuild THERE
(Scorch) Well then, he and Jameson should get along FAMOUSLY
(shana) Lay the groundwork then come to California in January, new start!
(colfax) I bet jameson loved it that we saw her in the jail on tv
(shana) LOL, you did?
(CookieJar) J.T., believe me, believe me....you would not have rebuilt there. I could tell you some things that I know that Lance had in mind for you and it was not to rebuild...
(Scorch) I thought there was supposed to be no probation after your release, JT
(colfax) no ive been on probation all along..and it still goes till jan 2000
(CookieJar) So did I Scorch, that is what Matthews always told us is that JT had no probabltion and could leave the state as soon as he got out.
(colfax) amazing how they let HIM go
(shana) You mean, Lance LIED? Oh my.
(shana) Yeah really.
(CookieJar) I think he used his daughter as part of that tool
(Scorch) I think they will be calling our pal Lance real soon about those phone calls with Pammy
(CookieJar) His daughter lives with his mother
(shana) Scorch, hoping bigtime
(colfax) sure of that...he called when i first revevealed recordings and tried to say i was ruinging his duaghter...due to harming his credibility with that wbuz crap
(shana) Uses his own daughter when convenient, figgers
(shana) Grrrrrrrr
(Scorch) puhleeez
(colfax) i do wish no one would INTERFERE about the recordings...he has obviously destroyed or hidden them...
(CookieJar) bullcrap. JT, he uses his daughters name whenever he needs to
(Scorch) There's another thing in common for Lance and Jammy...riding the backs of children for personal gain
(colfax) oh, i know
(CookieJar) So then that issue is dead, right?
(shana) JT, right...I worried about that from Boyles day on.
(colfax) he knew b4 boyles that i was putiing it out...i heard him making up his story
(shana) So he prolly destroyed/hid them b4 you went on Boyles?
(Scorch) You took that call from Lance on a pay phone in the jail?
(shana) Isn't that a chargeable offense?
(colfax) oh, yes...or hid them...so he'll NOT be legally gotten on that and i don't WANT him to be either
(grapespar) we have it in his own post about the recordings. He told on himself, at ws in Jmmy's forum, he and jammy and the little heads talk about lance recording pammy withouth pammy's permission
(shana) Why? Are you protecting him in this sense because he was in jail too or what? Please explain.
(colfax) it's not something i want to push about HIM...why isn't paughs suggestion the important thing
(shana) Well, it IS...but he has the evidence presumably.
(CookieJar) Well he is running scared because he knows he recorded that illegally without Pam Paugh's permission and if his PO found out, he would up creek without a paddle. He is super, super vindictive and he would find a way to get revenge
(Scorch) Pam's suggestion IS the important thing, but not provable without the tapes
(colfax) round and round that willl never be found
(grapespar) it is important you have to go thru matthews to get to pammy
(CookieJar) Well sometimes you have to ask what price your willing to pay
(colfax) so...WHY are we discussing doing something over and over like cointacting his po...you all did that to me in jail...it was AWFUL
(shana) So did you reveal this on Boyles knowing that no one could get the tapes but just wanted to get the story out?
(grapespar) I don;t think JT can handle the pressure right now, lets wait till he is able to get out of colorado
(Scorch) Did you hear that recording over a pay phone in the jail?
(shana) I didn't! I understand where you're coming from now.
(Scorch) We did not contact your PO, JT. That was G2
(colfax) I'd revealed it to other reporters first and thought it was going to come out...a few days later i was on bouyyles and did it
(shana) Terrible thing to do too.
(CookieJar) Well we don't really know that even G2 did that either
(shana) Not you, G2 about the PO (my line just above).
(colfax) but we are discussing the SAME sort of action
(shana) Yeah, IF she did it, terrible.
(Scorch) Right CJ...she did threaten an awful lot, though
(shana) In a sense, yes.
(grapespar) closer inmy opinion is just plain old mean
(shana) JT, so you hoped someone would take the story and run with it...get to Pam Paugh?
(colfax) i'm gona have to go soon but we can do this again
(CookieJar) yes we can. I am glad you were able to come to chat tonight
(grapespar) okay JT we appreciate you coming and talking with us.
(colfax) yes, i thought paugh would confirm it..i don't think reporters want it in thre watwater
(colfax) gooodnite
(Scorch) It was great to meet you, JT
(shana) I am very pleased to meet you, JT, and hope to see you again SOON!
(CookieJar) Good night
(grapespar) I think Pam, Jammy and Matthews is in on this togerher
(grapespar) nite Jt
(Beanie) G'nite JT
(shana) Thank you for letting us know more about you too.
(BayBB) Goodnight
(CookieJar) nite JT
(grapespar) do come again soon
(shana) Good thinking, grape.
(grapespar) contact bj and she will let us know
*** colfax has quit IRC (Quit: Quit: colfax_)

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