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On December 15, 1998 an Internet poster (unknown at the time but identity discovered a year later) created a parody web site called "MABOOZER's" which, in itself as a parody site would not have been too bad except the front page of the site was an exact duplicate of Mrs.Brady's URL's web site and included a section called the "The Colsmack Dump" which was a parody site on J.T.Colfax.

Boulder News Forum posting advertising the web site below:

Merry Christmas!
colsmack - 10:27pm Dec 15, 1998 MST
Have fun!

Text and Graphics from the "Colsmack Dump" Web Site
[Colsmack Booger Eater]

[Colsmack's Lighter]

[Colsmack's Burning House]

The Colsmack Dump
4TH grade doodles

"Colsmack is back to eating Boogers!!!!...
as posted by LSD.Moron on BSF"

The Sick SOB PeeWee Colsmack
Just Colsmacks moanings

e-mail PeeWee Colsmacks

PeeWee says he would love to share a piece of booger together. However, if the boogers don't appeal to you, we would like to present you with the antics of dumb-azz Colsmacks doodles....

"Yes, that's right,fools"...it's the the poorest excuse for art, that you have ever been.... Booger Woger. This piss-poor section will be available soon at a booger eating, arsonist's website near you and will feature the controversial "green booger" photography. Features will include criminal lies (damn laws) and both the North American and European Booger Woger. Stay tuned, fools...this oughta be disgusting.

All content on this site is from PeeWee Colsmack, aka Booger Woger. The content is mailed from the asylum to his friend Moron. His mail is not read because he is too busy munching down. PeeWee does not have any sense.

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Text and Graphics from the "MaBoozer" Web Site
Was exact duplicate of Mrs.Brady URL's Web Site

This page is only one of the few, designed by her Royal Hineyazz Digherbutti ... if you want to veiw some more of these dingleberries created by Digherbutti -- just pick away my minions! Don't gorge yourselves too much on her fine feasts

( I know you gals LOVE to eat!)

A great place for all ye truth seekers, would be at our Grand Pooh-Poohs page, Ruth-see although her page is not updated daily, due to her extended stays-- rumored to be at a VERY plush, white, padded room. These fine accomodations are only offered to the Royal ilk of Justice Warp. Hang around long enough and you just might be eligible for a discounted rate! We also will be giving out complimentary black eyebrow pencils and quality jackets, in honor of our Ruth-see . These items are known to be the most effective motivational threapy for her, the frusrtation she experiences-- drooling over the eyebrow pencils, while being tied up in her trendy jacket ( she sure knows how to make a fashion statement ) has been very enlighting!

For all those who like to travel memory lane, we have a treat....From the Old Ball Game- scratch that, its the OLD BATS game, and oh boy, its a Home Run ! (or is it re-run?) with this little tid-bit from 4th base. If you scroll on down to Jan. 18th... you can even celebrate Ms. Brady's mothers birthday with her!

This fine man has made a fan club for the Justice Warp Women !
Go check out our glory site gals, its at this link. A must see !

If you want to see the ravings of a maniac check out this creep! Colsmack

If you want to see some real news on a criminal, check out this little piece.

Need a lawyer? Justice warp presents their very own Gspot!

Want to try out the forbidden fruit? Don't dare go there... remember your pledge!

We have a annual event coming up for all you Justice Warp Sweat Hogs!
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So who was the author of the MaBoozer Web Site?

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