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The Party near the Ramsey House
December 25, 1996


J.T.Colfax jail diary of April 23, 1999 revealed a story about a party that took place near the Ramsey home the night JonBenet Ramsey was murdered. Colfax described it as "There was, in fact, a wild party, "a few doors away," from the Ramsey house."

April 23, 1999, from the Colfax diary, "and a entire party gets thrown under da buss."

"I am hearing these details from TWO inmates that were at the party - one of whom I'll name. He is AL LAUGHLIN, keyboardist with THE SAMPLES."

"Al decides he's done enough cocaine, drinking and undulatin' for the night he focuses his attention on BREAKFAST. So he and others walk outside where the sun has just recently come up on a snow reflected world of yellow crime scene tape."

June 8, 1999, from the Colfax diary, "So close to landing"

Quote from AL LAUGHLIN who is STILL at the prision reception center in Denver: "Oh, my friend Gully, who used to work at the Fox Theatre as a bouncer, and who was at that party near Ramsillica blew his head off in Houston. First shot his wife." So now we have someone placed very near the Ramsey house ON the night in question who LATER did actually go on to commit murder and suicide."

It wasn't until the spring of 2000 that Colfax began posting on the ACandyRose Internet Forum about Al Laughlin again and the party near the Ramsey house. The following quotes come from a posting dated, April 26, 2000 on a thread titled, "Party near Rhouse, inmate available again":

"I NAMED MANY attendees of this VARIFIABLE murder nite party on les website while in jail......and from bad memory here they are again: AL LAUGHLIN........2) a person nicknamed GULLY who killed his wife and himself in Houston who's real name could EASILY be found by law enforcement, Curtis Reitman, a Boulder inmate who walked to the party from the Fox theatre, "MG".....a girl who "hosted" the party..........."HAROLD".......and B4 anyone mocks me for saying..."see, a guy named Harold was there, so what I'm saying is true"....let me REPEAT from my jail web writings that AL tho I only know his first name, I also know these things which MAKE HAROLD ABSOLUTELY identifyable to law enforcement (but not webnuts)...Harold lived in cell 36 in the medium b module on the day of the columbine shootings.....OKAY........so BLURRY as it SOUNDS......there were only TWO people living in THAT cell on April 20th."

A couple months later Colfax found some additional information that he posted on the ACandyRose Internet Forum about Al Laughlin again and the party near the Ramsey house. The following quotes come from a posting dated, June 29, 2000 on a thread titled, "PartyNearRAMS/suicide info available":

"you can find it in the FEED BACK Column by Michael Roberts in the 5/13/99 issue. (about halfway down)..the guys name was WILLIAM GULLEY....his wife was Shelly Gulley...he comitted these acts on April 17th 99..(so it's probably in the April 18th issue of the Houston Chronicle).....if anyone here lives in Houston and subscribes to les CHronicle YOU can access all theinfo FREE, otherwise a day pass costs 4.95........Gulley ran "No Violence Productions,"....His wife Shelly was speaking to someone on a cell phone during the argument. and due to this conversation they are sure it was Gulley who killed Shelly,, then himself...he was 36 years old...westword says he put on a lot of hip-hop and underground parties and was "trusted by", the Boulder Police for his party management.....in a related note.....AL LAUGHLIN the inmate ( and former Samples keyboardist) who told me about the party was recently extradited back to Colo for violating his colo parole via drunk driving in MASS. He is NOT in Prison, though...the colo inmate locator number says he paroled to grand junction colo......he has a "case worker", so he's probably in a half-way house. "

From: Scorcharella (_SCORCH) 6/29/00 12:58 pm
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Paper: Houston Chronicle
Date: SUN 04/18/99 Section: A Page: 39 Edition: 4 STAR
Man kills self after being charged in wife's death


A man who chased down his wife and shot her to death on a north Houston street early Saturday committed suicide as officers tried to arrest him at his home, officials said.

The body of William Charles Gulley , 36, was found by police about 9:25 a.m. in his house in the 2500 block of Silvermeadow in northwest Harris County.

Gulley had been charged with murder just hours earlier in the death of his wife. Shelly Gulley , 36, was fatally shot about 12:50 a.m. in the 4200 block of Tidwell in north Houston, said HPD homicide Capt. Richard Holland.

Holland said witnesses reported a man in a black Ford Bronco chasing and shooting at a woman in a black Lexus.

"Both vehicles stopped and the driver of the Bronco got out and fired additional shots at the female occupant of the Lexus," before fleeing, Holland said. Holland said Shelly Gulley was dead at the scene from numerous gunshot wounds.

Holland said detectives quickly identified the attacker because Shelly Gulley was using a cellular phone and told the person she was talking to who was shooting at her.

"That, combined with other information, was sufficient to get a warrant for (Charles Gulley 's) arrest," he said.

Homicide detectives, uniformed HPD officers and Harris County sheriff's deputies went to Gulley 's house to arrest him.

Holland said no one came to the door, and when they entered the house, they heard a gunshot upstairs, where Gulley was found dead from a gunshot wound to the head.

A neighbor, Lisa Lyerly, said she knew little about the couple.

Shelly Gulley "was always really nice whenever I talked to her," Lyerly said. "There were never any problems."

The case is being investigated by the Harris County Sheriff's Department and the Houston Police Department.

More Information about the Party on 15th Street 12-25-1996


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