An Inside View Of
JT Colfax

The Dave Lucas Radio Show
Last Chat Scheduled May 8, 1999


A thread was started on the Boulder News Forum dated May 1, 1999 titled, "OPEN AIRWAVES"and was posted by a hat named, "mrwebb" which was suppose to belong to Dave Lucas. The thread started out to advertise the scheduled May 1st Dave Lucas Radio show and then on the same thread on May 8, 1999, Matthews posted what he called an "Invitation to CHAT" along with a message that Dave Lucas had been in an automoble accident and that a chat was being scheduled to explain more about what happened. Some posters showed up in the chat room as well as somebody under the hat name of ""CrashVictim" who claimed to be Dave Lucas arrived to say they would not be doing anymore of the radios show on WROW. And with that came the end of the Dave Lucas Radio show. Below is the posting on the Boulder News Forum as well as the full chat log from IRC.

matthews - 05:09pm May 8, 1999 MST (#25 of 29)
Thank GOD for the first amendment!!!! MOOOOoOoOoOOoOooooooOoOoOOoOoOoooOOoOoOooOooo .....tick tock

Invitation to CHAT
Hi there! I'll be in the WROW chatroom tonight for a little while to discuss my condition after being involved in a crash with a DRUNK driver Thursday night AND the future of our radio broadcasts. My friend and producer Lance Matthews will join me. See Ya Then!
PS: I'll be issuing a press release Sunday as well!
To access the WROW chatroom via mIRC:
go to channel #wrow
-or- login via http://www.wrow.com
LISTEN TO EXCERPTS FROM OUR PAST SHOWS AT http://members.aol.com/webdollie/webradio.html CATCH UP ON THE LATEST JON BENET RAMSEY NEWS AT http://joshua-7.com/mrsbrady/ (C)1999 WEBBLICITY PR

The following is the unedited chat log from May 8, 1999 when somebody appeared as "CrashVictim" to explain that the Dave Lucas Show with Dave Lucas would no longer be broadcast. Nobody has seen or heard from Dave Lucas since this chat and many on the Internet believed that this was just a hoax set up by Lance Matthews to cover whatever the real reason was that Dave left the show. At this time Lance Matthews was still actively promoting J.T.Colfax who was still in the Boulder County jail.

Carlotta was Pati, Davidb was Geno and BabyBorg was Annette.

Session Start: Sat May 08 22:17:59 1999
*** Now talking in #wrow
*** Carlotta (java@XXXXX.ipt.aol.com) has joined #wrow
(Carlotta) hi bay
(BayBB) Hi
*** BayBB sets mode: +o Carlotta
(Carlotta) gee thanks bay, I feel so "special"
(BayBB) You are
(Carlotta) I am verklempt LOL
*** matthews (matthewslan@XXXXX.nycap.rr.com) has joined #wrow
(Carlotta) hi Lance, what's up with Dave?
(BayBB) No Pati
(matthews) don't know
(Carlotta) I read in JW that he was in an accident? And he may be in chat? Who's doing the show?
(matthews) I don't know
(matthews) waiting to hear now
(matthews) you wanna laugh in the meantime?
(BayBB) Sure
(matthews) http://www.sunnyday.com/colfax/letters/t990505.htm
(matthews) don't be drinkin' anything
*** August (Cas15@XXXXX.ipt.aol.com) has joined #wrow
(August) hi everyone!
(matthews) hey august
(BayBB) Hi August
(August) It's wonderful when you connect and see people here
(August) Hi matthews, Hi BayBB
(August) Who is Carlotta?
(matthews) I guess they are running one of the national syndicate shows, eh?
(Carlotta) hi August....
(August) Hi lance, sorry for the nasty post today on BNF, but they really made me mad, attacking you!
(August) Carlotta, do I know you?
(Carlotta) Nope August
(matthews) you're apologizing to me for a nasty post you did?
(August) well, hi anyway
(matthews) to ME????
(Carlotta) Hi :-)
(matthews) of all people
(matthews) ?
(August) ok, how is Dave, what's happened?
(matthews) he got hit by some drunk lady
*** rushnut (java@XXXXX.ipt.aol.com) has joined #wrow
(August) and
(matthews) his car is totalled
(August) hi rush
(matthews) hey dan
(rushnut) wasup people
(rushnut) hey corpsy
(Carlotta) hi rushnut.....
(Carlotta) is Dave in the hospital?
(August) Lance, I posted a real
(matthews) Patsy Ramsey, in Spain, she
(matthews) misunderstands the Running of the Bulls
(matthews) festival, whips out a maglight and starts
(matthews) thunkin the cows to death
(rushnut) hi all /....there
(August) "defence"
(August) of you, real mommy stuff
(August) so I appologise
(August) I can't sp[ell
(matthews) I liked the post August
(August) thanks, I thought you might be mad
(rushnut) wheres dave ....?
(matthews) waiting for him
(August) as in angry, not crazy
(August) back to Dave--Lucas,that is
(August) who is David Edsel?
(matthews) don't know
(August) well, why didn't they just give you the show?
(BayBB) post
(matthews) good Q
(rushnut) good question august
(matthews) good timing dan
(rushnut) lol
(rushnut) im commin
(August) is "rushnut" dan?
(matthews) dan.....I typed the thing
(matthews) http://www.sunnyday.com/colfax/letters/t990505.htm
(matthews) yes, august
(rushnut) yes
(rushnut) wow
(matthews) timing
(August) were you always Dan?
(matthews) 1 day over a year
(rushnut) i hope so
(matthews) hehehehe
(rushnut) hehehe back
(matthews) pssssssssst.....
(rushnut) its really scary'
(matthews) hemp hemp hemp
(Carlotta) Is this show now a prerecorded show?
(rushnut) ok
(rushnut) venue?
(matthews) sounds like a prerecord
(August) Ok, guys , this is a small group, so who is Carlotta?
(rushnut) ?
(rushnut) not listening
(Carlotta) I am "mystery women" LOL
(August) and if Rushnut is Dan and he can post here, why is whi show cancelled???
(rushnut) whats the show...never mind ill just hook it up
(rushnut) ????????august?
(matthews) ?????
(matthews) Dan is not Dave
(rushnut) lost me
(rushnut) thank god
(rushnut) lol
(matthews) they both have a "z" in them though
(rushnut) ?
(August) Sorry, I don't type well, Rush are you Dave Lucas?
(matthews) hehehehehe
(matthews) yeah right
(August) and if so why is your show cancelled?
(rushnut) no I'm Dan Meltzer
(matthews) Rush is the other voice in the studio
(August) ok, where is Dave Lucas?
(matthews) the last few shows
(rushnut) in a car boo boo
(matthews) good question
(rushnut) call him lance
(August) exactly right now where is he?
(matthews) home
(August) Ok, home, how is he?
(rushnut) ok
(rushnut) i presume
(August) OK, why is the show cancelled?
(August) exactly why?
(rushnut) lance?
(matthews) He was coming here to explain that I thought
(rushnut) good q
* matthews slaps rushnut around a bit with a large trout
(rushnut) so what the phuk
(matthews) hehehehe
(August) If it is cancelled because of the accident, why isn't lance taking over?
(Carlotta) and what's this about a "press release" tomorrow?
(matthews) ?
(rushnut) ?
(matthews) what press release
(Carlotta) it's on post in JW forum?
(August) release your press now!
(rushnut) we dont knoew how to run the contros ect...
(August) What is this insignificant JW forum?
(Carlotta) who's this guy on there now?
(matthews) that isn't from our studio....I don't think
(Carlotta) LOL August
*** rushnut has quit IRC (Web Browser moved off chat page)
(August) Lance, you called this meeting, spill it!
(Carlotta) rights poetry LOL...
(matthews) I didn't call this meeting
(August) who did?
(August) I say a post!
(matthews) Dabve sent me the letter and asked me to post it]
(August) saw
(August) Dave, as in rushnut?
(matthews) DAN is rush
(matthews) D A N
(matthews) Dave called earlier said he was on meds
(Carlotta) the ps at end of Dave's letter....issueing press relese....it says
(matthews) maybe he passed out
*** rushnut (java@XXXXX.ipt.aol.com) has joined #wrow
(matthews) where'd you go?
*** matthews is now known as bored
(rushnut) what is this
(bored) don't know
(August) So, back to the issue, what happened to Dave Lucas?
(bored) Some drunk lady hit him from behind
(rushnut) we need to ask him august
(bored) totalled the car
* bored slaps bored around a bit with a large trout
(Carlotta) so he's not in the hospital Lance?
(rushnut) he seemed ok today lance
(bored) (staying awake)
(August) so what does this have to do with the show
(bored) no...he seems okay
(rushnut) this is BS
(rushnut) ????
(bored) he called and cancelled the show
(rushnut) whatever
(August) I'm sorry he was in an accident, I really do care, but what abou the show??????
(August) He called and cancelled?
(rushnut) good q
(August) cancelled for just tonite? or cancelled for all time?
(rushnut) ?
(Carlotta) It he quiting for good or just tonight?
(bored) Since I just produce Dave's show... I guess I'mm off the air until I find anpother venue
(bored) cancelled for all time on that station
(Carlotta) what why? Is he nuts?
(August) Lance, get your hat back and stay here!
(bored) yep
(rushnut) we should just create our own show lance
*** bored is now known as stetson
(August) yes Lance, this is your chance, go for it
(stetson) my hat
(August) I really mean this!
*** stetson is now known as matthews
(August) thank you
(rushnut) we could get a webcast thing going in about a month
(matthews) k
(August) now lance, get that show for yourself!
(matthews) we will be on the air in about a month
(August) now
(matthews) NO!!!
(rushnut) daily updates ect....
(matthews) *BLEEP* the stations and the managment and the FCC
(matthews) we will have our own internet show up soon
(August) go to the station and get make the Dave Lucas show the lance matthews show
(August) now
(August) that is the show on the air now
(rushnut) cant
(matthews) no
(August) no cant
(August) no cant
(August) can
(August) can
(August) do it
(rushnut) not worth it
(matthews) brb
(August) it is worth it
(matthews) dave on the phone
(rushnut) there are better things to come
(August) you have a national following
(rushnut) and?????????????????????
(rushnut) ?????????????///
(rushnut) ???????????????
(August) this is now, better things are in the future
(Carlotta) gee what did the Rams have Dave fired?
(rushnut) we could build it from threr
(matthews) ask and I'll type it in...Dave can't get into chat
(rushnut) carlotta....are you on crack?
(August) Lance, listen to me, this is now, you have the start of a national movement, a real fan club
(Carlotta) NO just asking a question?
(August) rush, who are you talking to?
(rushnut) DABVE
(rushnut) DAVE
(matthews) what are yu talking about?
(matthews) dave can't get into chat
(August) rush, who are you talking to?
(matthews) it says it's banned
(August) why can't dave get into chat?
(rushnut) what the gsoh darn heck are you thinking
(August) another server, give him one, now!
(rushnut) hows that
(matthews) someone pass me the crown please
(August) baybb, join in, where are you?
(matthews) Carlotta?
(rushnut) helloooooooooooo
(matthews) bayBB?
* August slaps BayBB around a bit with a large trout
* August slaps Carlotta around a bit with a large trout
(Carlotta) gee why can't Dave get in?
(matthews) give me the crown p[lease
(BayBB) Why, Matthews?
(matthews) hellllooooooow
(matthews) so I can check some stuff
*** davidb350 (someone@XXXXX.MaxTNT7.pdq.net) has joined #wrow
(Carlotta) bay give him his "crown" LOL....
*** BayBB sets mode: +o matthews
(matthews) thanks
*** BayBB sets mode: +o davidb350
(davidb350) thanks, BayBB
(davidb350) :-)
(davidb350) Hi August, Carlotta, Matthews, RushNut & August
(davidb350) oops double hello to August
(davidb350) :-)
(Carlotta) so Lance, why did Dave quit?
(rushnut) hello
(August) well, thanks Dave
(davidb350) what sort of nick is RushNut?
(davidb350) oh lord...where did they get this guest?
(rushnut) fan of the band RUSH
(August) DavidB350, are you Dave Lucas?
(matthews) no
(August) well then who is he?
(rushnut) yeah who is he
(davidb350) ?? I'm David....who knew my name?
(BayBB) She is a friend of mine
(BayBB) er He
(davidb350) :-)
(rushnut) its pat
(davidb350) err...who are you? RushNut
(August) who is pat
(davidb350) ...a Rush Nut?...or what?
(davidb350) Pat?
(rushnut) i am what i am and thats all that i am
(davidb350) lol so, yer a Rush Nut ??? OK
(davidb350) too funny
(rushnut) zzzzzzzzzzzzz
(davidb350) I love these nicks... especially the ones who use "nut", "dimwit", "moron"... crack me up
(davidb350) so, August...how's things on the left coast?
(August) Excuse me, everyone here having a party, i am here to find out what happened to Dave Lucas, and why Lance is not being promoted to do the show himself
(Carlotta) I'd rather be mysterious david LOL
(davidb350) heh heh, Carlotta (I heard that...)
(Carlotta) gee August no party here?
(rushnut) scroll up to look at my name
(August) Ok, DavidB, you are Curious?
(davidb350) why would they promote Matthews?...to that spot
(rushnut) no
(davidb350) I am a bit inquisitive..August
(rushnut) whynot its his nyway
(davidb350) but, I'm not curious at all...
(rushnut) anyway
(davidb350) NYWay... lol
(davidb350) yes,...maybe
(Carlotta) at least your not "that" curious LOL David :-)
(davidb350) :-) Carlotta
(August) They should promote Lance because he is the best thing that ever happened to WROW
(davidb350) no...I'm not the "deadmoron",...not here anyway.
(davidb350) lol, August OK
(davidb350) (doesn't say much for WROW,....tho)
(rushnut) why?
*** what (java@XXXXX.90.226.2.Detroit1.Level3.net) has joined #wrow
(August) I think it says a lot
(Carlotta) Say What?
*** what has quit IRC (Web Browser moved off chat page)
(davidb350) lol
(davidb350) August, I've known you for almost 2 years...surely you jest?
*** Ogre (java@XXXXX.90.226.2.Detroit1.Level3.net) has joined #wrow
(August) WROW has a very near future SUPERSTAR in Lance Matthews
(matthews) Dave was rear-ended by a drunk driver... he is just tired working for that station and the timing was good to cancel the show
(davidb350) Hi dimwit
(davidb350) ah, thanks..Matthews
(Carlotta) Hi Ogre
(Ogre) How ya doin' Dave?
(August) OK, DAVID need more clues!
(matthews) hi beanie
(August) how does everyone know that OGRE is Beanie?
(matthews) he hung up and is trying to get back in
(rushnut) hey bwanie
(BayBB) Hi Dimmy
(Ogre) Hi Batbb
(matthews) we are all psychic
(davidb350) no clues, August we're just old hands,...at this game
(rushnut) dimwit ect...
(Carlotta) hehe hehe August David knows everything
(davidb350) no psychic...here
(davidb350) :-) Carlottta
(matthews) (I almost said "the smell" but thought twice)
(matthews) hehehe
(rushnut) funnny
(matthews) so the show tonight is on auto pilot
(rushnut) ok ...............any new news?
(matthews) there isn't anyone in the studio
(Carlotta) hi dimmy
(Ogre) I hope I don't have to rough ya up, Lance
(matthews) no...Dave said he's through at that station
(August) Lance, step in!
(matthews) I can't
(Ogre) Carlotta?
(August) Lance, step in!
(rushnut) cant
(matthews) I can't
(Carlotta) I shall remain a mystery dimmy :-)
(davidb350) :-) Carlotta
(matthews) I will have my own station running soon enough
(rushnut) lance .........lets just doit
(August) cant pst
(Ogre) Ooooohhhh. Male or female, Carl?
(rushnut) later people
(matthews) dan...about 30days?
(August) c
(davidb350) good luck with that Matthews
(rushnut) y
(davidb350) later, Nut
(Carlotta) gee Carlotta is a female name dimmy
(August) ff
(davidb350) and his nick fits...Carlotta
*** rushnut has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer (TCP/IP connection broken))
(Ogre) Sounds like a transexual name, Carl
(davidb350) (...sort of a dim bulb, ...it seems)
*** August has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer (TCP/IP connection broken))
(matthews) beanie...
(Carlotta) LOL dimmy....all female
(matthews) look at this...
(matthews) http://www.sunnyday.com/colfax/letters/t990505.htm
(davidb350) I heard that, Carlotta
(matthews) YOU will love it
*** pip (java@XXXXX.dnvr.uswest.net) has joined #wrow
(BayBB) Hi Pip
(Carlotta) no thanks Lance...been there done that, no talent LOL
(davidb350) ah, Matthews...you and Tara, that's quite a pair to draw to
(davidb350) Hi Pipster
(pip) hi bay - crown me?
(Ogre) Hi pip
*** CrashVictim (victim@XXXXX.cowland.com) has joined #wrow
(davidb350) :-) Pip
(pip) Hi david350
*** BayBB sets mode: +o pip
*** August (Cas15@XXXXX.sjc-ca.concentric.net) has joined #wrow
(Carlotta) hi pip
(August) back
(pip) hi Carlotta
(Carlotta) hi crash victim :
(CrashVictim) Hi Everyone! Dave L here on chat with you...
(Carlotta) well your ALIVE LOL
(August) good, what happened?
(matthews) hey dave
(CrashVictim) Sorry it took so long to get in!
(matthews) brb
(BayBB) yes, the show is almost over
(davidb350) hmmm....here's a statement from previous:
(davidb350) (matthews) I will have my own station running soon enough
(CrashVictim) The show IS over!
(davidb350) matthews is buying a radio station?
(Carlotta) david :-)
(CrashVictim) We have several options...
(pip) Lance says he'll have his own station? I didn't know he was soooo experienced!
(davidb350) from a heroin druggie...to a media czar...only in Amerika !!!
(davidb350) lol
(Ogre) Lance is saving up for a Mister Microphone. LOL
(davidb350) flol
(davidb350) goowon, Dim
(CrashVictim) Including setting up a web-based station.
(Carlotta) ohhhh dimmy and david you are so naughty....LOL
(davidb350) rotfl
(CrashVictim) I did want to reassure everyone that I am okay post-crash.
(davidb350) he must be still living in that r 'n r fantasee.....
(August) crash-tell us more
(Carlotta) well that's good...I thought ol Patsy Ramsey got you fired LOL
(davidb350) is this Senor Lucas?...posting from cowland.com ??
(davidb350) flol
*** trebl (Trembl@XXXXX.ipt.aol.com) has joined #wrow
*** trebl (Trembl@XXXXX.ipt.aol.com) has left #wrow
(Carlotta) cause you have the Rams chit on the show LOL
(August) crash, there are posters here who want to know waht is going on
*** LadyBug (java@XXXXX.cen.quik.com) has joined #wrow
(CrashVictim) That's right, I'm sleeping with the heiffers(sic)!
(davidb350) Hi LadyBug
(Carlotta) hi Lady Bug
(August) hi LadyBug
(LadyBug) Hi everyone
(LadyBug) Hows Dave?
(CrashVictim) We seem to have filled the airwaves with many great shows
(davidb350) Dave's infirm,...LB
(August) you have a national following
(CrashVictim) and I am glad that many people enjoyed them
(LadyBug) CrashVictim???
(CrashVictim) but it is time to move on
(August) I am serious, you have national standing, a reputation
(Carlotta) bigger and greener pastures dave?
(CrashVictim) hopefully, Carlotta!
(davidb350) so, I assume CrashVictim is entering as Dave Lucas?
(Carlotta) well Jammy loves ya dave and that's something LOL
(LadyBug) must be davidb
(davidb350) thanks, LadyBug
(CrashVictim) new email address is DaveLucas@juno.com
(Ogre) Dave... I do have to commend you on your restraint during your show... you don't insist on being the star. I like that.
(davidb350) true, Dim
(CrashVictim) Thanks, Ogre, I have always tried not to be a hammy.
(LadyBug) CrashVictim when are you going to tell us?
(matthews) back
(LadyBug) YOU aren't hammy
(davidb350) but,...when you've got an "internet personality" like matthews,...it's easy to take the second fiddle and strum along
*** Grumpy (java@XXXXX.cosmoaccess.net) has joined #wrow
(davidb350) Hi Grumps
(LadyBug) Hey Grumpy
(CrashVictim) I am not staying on too long on mIRC as I am on a "borrowed" server
(Ogre) Grumpy!
(August) so Crash, spill the beans
(pip) hi grumpy
(Grumpy) Hi everybody
(LadyBug) I'm not in mIRC
(August) hi grumpy
(davidb350) grumpy, ...how's the hand?
(CrashVictim) seems the ISP I use is banned from chat here...
(LadyBug) ooooooh
(Grumpy) Better, thanks
(CrashVictim) which is weird... I myself haven't been in mIRC since Fevruary
(LadyBug) what happened Grumpy
(CrashVictim) FeBruary
(August) OK, Dave Lucas, lets hear what you have to say!!
(August) waht is going on
(Grumpy) I smacked it with a hammer
(CrashVictim) All I have to say is that we had a great run
(Carlotta) ouch grumpy that must have hurt like hell.
(LadyBug) WhY u do that???
(August) we are where from all over the Unted States to hear from you
(CrashVictim) But it is time now to rest!
(davidb350) glad to hear that's better, Grumps..... (I thought you cut it with a razor....)
(LadyBug) are you in hospital?
(Ogre) Feels good when ya stop, eh Grumpy?
(davidb350) (shaving...I meant)
(Carlotta) August, your nose is getting a bit brown LOL
(davidb350) lol, Carlotta
(CrashVictim) I am recuperating at home... my car is in autoheaven
(davidb350) and it's growing, Carlotta
(Grumpy) I missed the stake that I was putting in the ground. And YEAP, it hurt like hell...ha
(matthews) hay david350...you are being an ass
(davidb350) (August's nose,,...that is...)
(davidb350) wha? how so?... Lancer
(Ogre) Auggie is a butt-sniffer from waaayyy back. ;-)
(pip) don't let Lanve deter you, David 350
(matthews) so because I did drugs....that is all I ever was?
*** CrashVictim has quit IRC (Leaving)
(davidb350) I've not even heard the MadKowz yet... Lance
(August) Well tht was very revealing NOT
(davidb350) hmmm....have you quit doing drugs?...and booze? lance
(August) and why am I snuffing a but to ask Crash what happened?
(LadyBug) david !
(August) butt
(davidb350) :-)
(Grumpy) So, did I miss something? What's the future of the show?
(LadyBug) he wont tell us
(davidb350) he left, I think...LB
*** Guapo (java@XXXXX.ipt.aol.com) has joined #wrow
(Carlotta) August, it's just that you are being a bit "cloying" way too many complements...it's rather demeaning
(August) grumpy, you didn't miss anything, he didn't tell
(Ogre) Did anyone see MAD TV tonight? They had a charactor named Jameson.
(August) I'm complementing?
(pip) really Dim? What was the skit?
(matthews) I had a full scholarship to Parsons....was an art director.... showed in museums and galleries all over the US.... I was making $750 a week in Boulder LEGALLY before I relapsed there
(Ogre) El Guapo?
(davidb350) August...get with the program. jeeze
(matthews) and yes 350, I am not on drugs now
(Ogre) ... Jameson had crabs. LOL
(matthews) I still get tested at random
(davidb350) well, those relapses...are hell aren't they? Lancer
(Grumpy) So all we know is he's at home, and his car is totaled?
(matthews) yes they were
(davidb350) and good luck with those randoms, bud :-)
(pip) long way to fall, lance
(davidb350) no chit, Pip
(matthews) nd he's sick of the station
(LadyBug) Long way up too give him credit
(matthews) yeah... and it's worse everytime
(matthews) (down that is)
(Carlotta) that's funny Ogre, Jammy and crabs LOL
(pip) LB, there was nothing negative about what I said, butt out
(LadyBug) do it yourself pip
(August) David, I don't think I will ever get with your program
(Ogre) Lance... there are rumors that Lucas was fired... what's the story?
(davidb350) .seriously, Lancer hang in there, ...and good luck. (and next time you get busted...don't brag that you're the biggest drug dealer in the area)
(davidb350) :-) August
(matthews) heheheh...the cops asked me to score them drugs I said "as far as I know the drugs in this room are the only thing I know about in Boulder"
(Guapo) Cornell here In Indianapolis
(davidb350) August, ... just follow the chat, and don't get hung up on something you know little about. (just a bit of advice...ole friend)
(matthews) they turned that around and put me on the front page because they looked like idiots with announcing there is no H in Boulder and then the next week there was 6 ODs
(pip) Lots of drugs in BOulder and Denver - no question about it
(matthews) The "quantity of money" seized was $26
(davidb350) that's one side of the story, ...and a good one to tell now. Lance (actually, I could care less...just checking you out to see the latest version of that story....)
(pip) but it's certainly not a way to gain status, is it?
(Ogre) Lance... YOU posted that you told police that you were the biggest dealer in the area. Which is it?
(August) david the reason I came to this chat is to find out what happened
(davidb350) true, Pip
(matthews) No...I never posted that I said that
(Ogre) Sure ya did, Lance!
(matthews) gain status?
(matthews) nope
(davidb350) right, Dim (that's the old version printed in paper...and there's a new one to fit every situation...)
(Ogre) YES!!!
(matthews) the paper said that
(matthews) not me
(matthews) I never said that
(Ogre) No... YOU said that, Lance.
(LadyBug) who is hat Dim in here???
(matthews) ogere
(matthews) ogre
(LadyBug) ok
(pip) You're sort of dim, ladybug
(LadyBug) ;you pip are the most negative I ever met
*** matthews sets mode: +ooo August Grumpy Guapo
(pip) :-)
(Ogre) LOL... LadyButt... Here's a QUIZ for you... "Who is JAR?"
*** matthews sets mode: +oo LadyBug Ogre
(pip) that smile is for you, ladybug :-) :-)
(LadyBug) no...ask yourself
(Carlotta) LOL
(pip) :-)
(davidb350) LB, Pip is one of the brightest folks you'll ever meet on the web... hang in there and read a bit.
*** Grumpy has quit IRC (Web Browser moved off chat page)
(LadyBug) give me a break
(matthews) NO ogre...I never said that then...or after
(August) LadyBug, this might be hostile territory
(pip) :-) aw shucks, david350 - thanks!
(LadyBug) I dont care I have a mower
(davidb350) of course, if you can't see that... LadyBug
(davidb350) it's true, Pip
(Carlotta) LOL August and LB
(Guapo) Where is that Dave Lucas
(matthews) I knew folks selling onces of dope in Boulder...do you really think I would say something like that?
(pip) better put on the flack jackets, ladies
(Ogre) Lance... we talked on the phone about that too.
(matthews) yeah
(matthews) I told you the same thing then
*** Guapo has quit IRC (Web Browser moved off chat page)
(matthews) They stuck me with that crap
(pip) gotta ask you something lance
(matthews) what?
(pip) did you ever hang out in Aurora with this guy
(matthews) who?
(pip) who owned a solar retrofit company?
(davidb350) :-) Pip
*** BabyBorg (acurran33@XXXXX.wlg.ihug.co.nz) has joined #wrow
(Ogre) You told me that you "joked" to the cops about being a bigtime dealer... REMEMBER?
(Carlotta) Hi BabyBorg?
(davidb350) Hi BabyBorg
(August) baby there is still time, you can resist!
(davidb350) op BabyBorg?... please?
(BabyBorg) Hi everyone
(August) it is not too late for you
(pip) hi babyborg
(matthews) I said "as far as I know, that on the table, is all the H in Boulder"
(davidb350) welcome, BB.... we need an IQ boost here.
(Ogre) Auggie... it is foolhardy to resist the truth.
(matthews) THAT is what I said, yes?
(pip) lance, do you remember this guy?
(davidb350) August,...come on? you're really not as dense as you appear?....are you?
(matthews) no...should I?
(BabyBorg) David looks like it
(August) Ogre, did you decipher the code?
(Ogre) NO! That is NOT what you said.
(pip) if you don't you don't, lance
(Ogre) Yes, Auggie... Mine pc decodes instantly
(matthews) My version has not changed one bit beanie
(Ogre) Bull
(matthews) what ever
(LadyBug) who is beanie?
(Ogre) Duh
(LadyBug) why all the hats?
(pip) you are full of beans, LB
(August) LadyBug Beanie is Curious-Dimwit
(Carlotta) OH gawd, david I was right about the IQ thing LOL
(LadyBug) you are full of pip
(pip) yes I am, LB! Ergo the hat :-)
(LadyBug) who needs IQ in this room
(LadyBug) pipsqueek
(Ogre) I'm amazed the LadyButt can even spell IQ. LOL
(Carlotta) well a few of you should know the answere to that question LOL
(LadyBug) Die curious
(pip) that is spelled pipsqueak if you don't mind LB
(Ogre) Been there... done that, LadyButt
(pip) LOL Dim!
(LadyBug) who cares how I spelled it that way
(Carlotta) LOL beanie LOL
*** guapo (java@XXXXX.ipt.aol.com) has joined #wrow
(LadyBug) I sent you not a card ...remember?
(Ogre) I sense a meltdown...
(pip) I guesss your spelling will just have to do, LB ;_)
(LadyBug) I was the only one that knew
(BabyBorg) LB it wa nice of you t osend flowers to lucky lady though
(LadyBug) I sent them to many ppl
(LadyBug) not Curious
(BabyBorg) Has Lucky lady been reincarnated yet?
(pip) ? SENT WHAT, LB?
(LadyBug) but for those that truly were suffering as LL said so I sent as a memory of the others
*** matthews sets mode: +oo BabyBorg guapo
*** BayBB sets mode: +o BabyBorg
(LadyBug) Good wishes for ppl that are ill
(Carlotta) well gang it's getting late and I'm getting tired, big day tomorrow....Mother's day and all that, so Happy Mother's Day all you mothers out there LOL....
(LadyBug) why you yelling pip
(pip) But why are you addressing ME about it? I don't care!
(LadyBug) Im not
(matthews) nite carlotta
(LadyBug) you asked
(LadyBug) I told you
(davidb350) nite carlotta
(Ogre) LadyButt... Did you send a card to Tyzano?
(BabyBorg) nite carlotta
(pip) I'm not yelling, I am trying to follow your logic "I sent them to many, pip" but I dodn't ask!
(Carlotta) night Lance, august, bay, david, guapo, LB, beanie and pip....
(LadyBug) NO
(Ogre) nite Carlatta
(LadyBug) nite Carlotta
(pip) gnite carlotta
(BayBB) Night Carlotta
(Ogre) No card to TY? Why LadyButt?
(LadyBug) ppl =people
(Carlotta) and Baby Borg.....love you nickname...BORG AND PROUD OF IT LOL.
(pip) had a chance to look it up, eh LB?
(LadyBug) not pip
(BabyBorg) Carlotta thats me borg and proud
(LadyBug) 'look what up?
(LadyBug) you look it up
(pip) If you scroll up, LB, you will say that you made that comment to me
(pip) How to spell people, LOL
(LadyBug) Im not interested
(BabyBorg) Its like having a conversation with a lettuce in here
(pip) You're not interesting, either
(LadyBug) I know how to spell
(LadyBug) thanks
(Ogre) LadyButt ... You didn't answer tonight's QUIZ question. "Who is JAR?"
*** guapo has quit IRC (Web Browser moved off chat page)
(davidb350) :-) babyborg
(pip) right babyborg - iceberg!
*** Carlotta has quit IRC (Web Browser moved off chat page)
(davidb350) head of cabbage
(davidb350) turnip
(pip) not even the head, david350...more like....
(BabyBorg) david for sure
(pip) right
(davidb350) all the veg's
(LadyBug) Ogre I owe YOU nothin
(pip) I resent that, david350 - I've always considered carrots to be smarter
(August) outta here, goodnite -- LadyBug, Lance, strange group here
*** August has quit IRC (Leaving)
(LadyBug) nite
(BabyBorg) pip yes at least they aren't green
(pip) :-)
(davidb350) lol
(pip) and they're...firm, don't you think babyborg?
(BabyBorg) pip definitely
(Ogre) LadyButt... Here's an easy one... "Who is buried in Grant's Tomb?"
(LadyBug) YOU will be
(matthews) going to go do some work....hopefully I will have the station up before too long
(LadyBug) thanks Matthews
(pip) gnite lance
(davidb350) good nite Lance
(Ogre) Good luck Lance... Really
(davidb350) stay away from pointed objects
(matthews) thanks everyone...even you beanie
(pip) well I'd rather be in grant's tomb than on a milk carton!
(davidb350) :-) pip
(matthews) pointed objects and super glue
*** matthews (matthewslan@XXXXX.nycap.rr.com) has left #wrow
(Ogre) LadyButt... I gotsta know... why do you hangout with perverts like Bluefire?
(LadyBug) Why am I here let me ask you that??? you see Bluefire here?
(LadyBug) so I hang with perverts?
(Ogre) Are you disavowing Bluefire as a friend, LadyButt?
(pip) Ogre, I gotsta know...why are you hanging out with perverts like LB?
(Ogre) LOL, pip!
(pip) :-) curious
(Ogre) ... pip... I'm doing "research". ;-)
(LadyBug) Leave me out of your research
(pip) a blind study, Dim?
(pip) or a dumb one?
(LadyBug) Furthermore I resent the milk carton funny man
(pip) am I funny man?
(davidb350) lol
(BabyBorg) pip not sure are you?
(Ogre) Seriously LadyBug... Why do you hang with those creeps? You have a heart... they don't.
(pip) kinda slow to react to that one, eh LB?
(LadyBug) you know what I meant
(LadyBug) no not slow
(Ogre) ... a Dim study
(LadyBug) waay ahead
(pip) hee hee LB that comment was made LOOOONG ago!
(LadyBug) I dont forget
(pip) but if you are ahead of your previous accomplishments, then I do applaud you
*** guapo (java@XXXXX.ipt.aol.com) has joined #wrow
(pip) Nor do I, LB, and that is the whole point
(LadyBug) I dont need your applaud
(davidb350) well, it's no use trying to have a battle of wits with those who come unarmed...I'm out of here
(Ogre) Don't forget, huh? Who is JAR LadyButt?
(pip) that would be...applause, LB
(pip) LOL David 350, how true
(LadyBug) I dont care how you spell it
(davidb350) LB thinks she's a bit of a wit, but ....she's only half right.
(pip) it's how you say it, LB
(LadyBug) it dont matter
*** matt1 (matt1@XXXXX.nycap.rr.com) has joined #wrow
(pip) LOl david350, I doubt she got that one
(BabyBorg) lol david
(davidb350) sharp as a marble..isn't she?
(pip) that would be...it doesn't matter
(LadyBug) forget the '
(Ogre) WB, Lance
(pip) bright as a starless night
(davidb350) OK...I'm outta here, headed to the other chat.
(davidb350) lol, PIp
*** matt1 (matt1@XXXXX.nycap.rr.com) has left #wrow
(Ogre) adios, David
(pip) bye david
(davidb350) hasta la vista
*** davidb350 has quit IRC (what does the barber say?...Next !!!)
(BayBB) Night david
(Ogre) Ooops... Lance got caught sneaking back in ... (snicker snicker )
*** guapo has quit IRC (Web Browser moved off chat page)
(Ogre) Sooo... LadyButt... What exactly to you find so distasteful about me?
(pip) well, you're not as negative as I am, dim
(BayBB) Night all
(LadyBug) nite BayBB
(pip) gnite bay
*** Disconnected
Session Close: Sun May 09 00:36:57 1999


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