An Inside View Of
JT Colfax

Part I
J.T.Colfax in Live Chat

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Wednesday, July 28, 1999


Session Start: Wed Jul 28 19:49:00 1999
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(Melhisssa) Hi JT
(CookieJar) Is that you JT?
(colfax) hi hows it going
(mapek) hello colfax
(CookieJar) Going okay over here
(colfax) hello mapek
(grapespar) saw your old friend last night, matthews
(colfax) a bit rough and diassapointing yesterday but ok today
(colfax) where
(grapespar) webbsleuths chat
(CookieJar) he was out here in the chat room areas
(colfax) oh i thought you meant in person
(grapespar) feeling sorry for himself
(CookieJar) why did they refuse you JT?
(grapespar) no,never in person
(colfax) well he has wonderful hemp to fall back onb
(Melhisssa) so why can't you leave, JT?
(colfax) hi
(CookieJar) Yep, his hemp will keep him happy
(HeyJudd) hi colfax
(Matilda1) Hi Colfax
(colfax) no clear reason was given it was just flat out rejected
(colfax) i mean his hempsite
(grapespar) rejected that you leave boulder?
(CookieJar) JT, I thought you had no probation, that is what we all thought
(colfax) colo in general..was trying to get the same waiver lance got to leave state
(CookieJar) What waiver did he use?
(colfax) no...i got two years but did most of it in jail so ive got it till jan
(colfax) not sure nbut he got permisson to leave fast
(CookieJar) You got probation till next January?
(colfax) well it's nnot so bad, but it's a question of money
(colfax) yes2000
(grapespar) who did he get permission from, and they were probably glad to get rid of him
(colfax) same probation officer exactly as me
(colfax) such a waste to be forced to set up here for 6 months
(Melhisssa) Would there be ANYTHING they may need y9ou to testify about in the near future?
(colfax) thats what i was wondering...are they just keeping me available and should i make them regret it
(CookieJar) I wouldn't be surprised if matthews used his daughter as his reason to leave
(Melhisssa) Which bed is more comfortable? Where you are now or jail?
(colfax) recall that lance wasn't online or involved in anything when he got the waiver
(grapespar) what could you possibly testify too?
(CookieJar) No he wasn't and he was already back in NY when he got online
(colfax) more comfortable herer but such a waste to set up here
(Melhisssa) Lance strikes me as the type who would sell his own mother
(colfax) ive said that many times
(Melhisssa) Did you know what he was doing at BNF...besides posting your letters?
(colfax) how are you bj
(CookieJar) I am doing okay JT
(colfax) not sure i know all...i didn't like him calling the sherriff and det gosage
(colfax) but i had no vote
(CookieJar) He called the sharrif and Gosage?
(colfax) i should have just quit the net thing, but it got deeply interesting
(CookieJar) Was this when you were moved to gilprin?
(Matilda1) who is Gosage ??
(colfax) supposedly in my interests but really to show you net nuts how plugged in he was
(CookieJar) That is the one detective n the ramsey case
(Melhisssa) It still is interesting..lol...
(Matilda1) thanks :-)
(colfax) well it certainly was interesting in jail
(Melhisssa) What is the deal with him and Jameson, JT? DO you know?
(colfax) evil...meddlers
(grapespar) tell us do they have patsy's room ready?
(colfax) i meddle too when things go wrong
(CookieJar) Evil meddlers? What were they?
(colfax) yes...they most certainly do, but it requires no prep..it's just another room but for all sorts of reasons theres only two logical cellls to put her in
(CookieJar) JT, do you think this thing with the Pam Paugh recordings is going to go anywhere?
(colfax) no i guess not, i think reporters are so lazy..i sent j hayden a list of party goers and their current whereabouts
(CookieJar) has anybody talked to you about it other than Peter Boyles?
(colfax) at least thy could establish the partybut they don't like it coming from me
(grapespar) like that is a federal offense called wiretapping since he taped pam from NY
(colfax) im gonna try to get al laughlin on boyles whren he gets out
(grapespar) without her permission
(CookieJar) When does Al get out?
(colfax) yes but not productively
(Hibiscus) Greetings
(colfax) i don't know but he says "how dare you..pam paugh is a friend of mine" etc like all the info didn't come from me in jail that he enticed her with
(CookieJar) Let me back up JT, when does Al get out?
(CookieJar) J.t., I think he talks to pam Paugh all the time on the phone
(colfax) al should have 'seen the board " on the 22nd and may know exactly when by now..at worst maybe 5 more months
(Melhisssa) He said he did
(CookieJar) some think that he as been to her house even
(CookieJar) Is this Al in Boulder County Jail?
(colfax) yes he used to tell me that but he used my name to get in touch with ALL of you and these paughs and detectives etc and he's so heavyhanded it was so emabarrassing
(colfax) no all went off to prison right after the party posting went up
(Melhisssa) Um, JT, no offense, but uh, embarrassing?
(CookieJar) What was your original goal JT with Matthews to come to the Internet?
(colfax) ive mbeen in touch by mail a bit
(grapespar) he said he had or afton or LP said he has
(colfax) what to clarify about embarrassing
(DimWit) Hi JT... Good ta see ya.
(colfax) to tell the whole story to experiment with inmates on the net, to be productive...not to lie to people and have bj call motel rooms
(colfax) hi
(Melhisssa) I know what you mean about Matthews embarrassin you, chit he even called me for no apparent reason, but you shouldn't be embarrassed because of what he said to people, youshould be embarrassed by what he pulled on the forums
(CookieJar) JT, I think most of us on the net thought you wanted Matthews to come to the forums to bring your letters to us?
(mapek) was it your idea, colfax, or mathews? to go on the net with your story?
(colfax) it as never discussed in person when we were together in jail..when he ked him to check brady
(CookieJar) Your saying you only wanted him to check on Brady's site?
(colfax) i just asked him to check brady and see what goes on online re ramsey
(CookieJar) Oh okay, I understand
(CookieJar) did you know he was going to post all your letters on the net?
(colfax) in the beginning yes, i would never think to ask someone to spend hours grafting me on web
(colfax) then, as he got more adept, yes, so i wrote formally
(grapespar) Did jammy ever visit or call matthews when he was in jail?
(colfax) recall it evolved over nine months
(Melhisssa) who hacked the web page, JT? Didn't Matthews really do that himself?
(CookieJar) Where you surprised by the responses from the forums that he sent to you?
(colfax) no, mattherws knew nothing of r case till he met me there..he's a sponge
(Melhisssa) Or was that another hoax, the hacking?
(colfax) no i think he said wilton did,
(DimWit) ha!
(CookieJar) Sponge is a good word and I don't think Wilton did at all
(Melhisssa) We all know Wilt and he sweras up and down that he did not do it
(Melhisssa) He would've told us privately if he had, I think
(Hibiscus) I think Matthews deleted the website himself
(colfax) it was amazing to have so many people in my head in jail the other inmates thought i was crazy when we saw jameson on tv and i said i was esemi in touvch with her
(CookieJar) Wilton was the webmaster for your site and doing all of Matthews work to update the site
(CookieJar) do you mean you were actually in touch with her or that Matthews was in touch with her?
(colfax) i wish i knew more about all involved he...matthews would periodically tell me to roast certain oppeople in my letters
(mapek) wow -- he told you who to roast?
(CookieJar) Well JT, that was his way of getting back at people and using you in the process
(colfax) i mean stuff you saw..like i write i don't care for this jameson entity in my postings and later he sends me a thing where she says she doesn't care for me either...i meant that we were aware of each other
(CookieJar) You mean poeple like Denver and Wilton ?
(colfax) yes, denver, wilton, nodules the clown,
(CookieJar) Why did you think Denver was a freak?
(Melhisssa) AHAH! something in common
(colfax) but some of them were real jerks so i was glad to do it sometimes
(Melhisssa) Only Gertay and Matthews made nicey-nice
(Melhisssa) Scorch!!!
(Scorch) Hiya!
(CookieJar) Some of them could have seemed like jerks because of what matthews was doing or saying to them too
(colfax) it's hard to recall some specifics over the time...just people that accused, etc...or made up stuff like i take a drug called deanner...what is thaT
(CookieJar) I don't know who did that but hat was after Matthews moved your letters to the WebbSleuth's forum and off the BNF
(Hibiscus) I don't recall Denver ever saying anything vile about you, JT
(Scorch) Yes, I particularly want to know what the deanner stuff was about
(Melhisssa) lol, so do I, it makes no sense
(Melhisssa) What is Deanner anyway?
(colfax) no, im pretty sure she did, but i cant either right now, i know goethe was awful in the begginng
(CookieJar) J.T., did you ever really get to see your web page?
(colfax) no idea what deanner is,..jusrt another bogus net allegation
(grapespar) only matthews probably knows what deanner is
(Scorch) Mel, deanner is my name on JW
(CookieJar) I don't knew what deanner is either.. is that a drug?
(Scorch) pretty freaky, huh?
(colfax) yes...several guards showed it to me right off the bat, but then the jail took that capability away from them in thier booths
(CookieJar) But Scorch he didn't use it in the letters like it was you
(Melhisssa) hmmmmm
(Scorch) I've never heard of any drug called that
(Hibiscus) Where is this deanner reference coming from
(Melhisssa) yes, even mre so that he should happen to mention it as you come in
(colfax) yes, and supposedly, i take it and wrote that i take it in my postings
(colfax) but i never heard of it
(CookieJar) Hibiccus, it was used on one of the web page letters that Matthews put up for Colfax
(colfax) it's such a bogus dead end
(Hibiscus) thanks cookie
(CookieJar) I never heard of it either
(Scorch) It was one of the letters that was text only...no written copy I believe
(colfax) no...no..it wasn't...it was used in a forum with people bogusly "recalling" it being in my postings
(Scorch) colfax, I hate to tell you, but I saw it on the sunnyday site
(Melhisssa) half of the time it was Lisa, though
(CookieJar) JT, it was both on the forums and on the web site
(colfax) no..not everything is lances fault...
(CookieJar) When Matthews would put your letters on the web site, he also put them on the forums too
(colfax) well, not in my writing it wasn't
(CookieJar) Well that could be
(colfax) but once people discuss something it gets engrained
(Melhisssa) Have you surfed the Ramsey parody sites at all JT? Soem are magnificent, like RamFamLand
(CookieJar) That reference to "deaner" was made right after I e-mail you on April 29th and that was posted the week after
(Melhisssa) Six degrees of seperation
(colfax) no...really done no sufrfing at all..just brady and email basically
(CookieJar) I don't think JT has got that far on the net yet
(CookieJar) do you go to Mrs. Brady's site every day?
(colfax) yes
(Hibiscus) JT, do you think there will ever be an indictment in the Ram case?
(CookieJar) I will have to sign you up for my ACAndyRose forum so you can read there too daily
(colfax) i think every paper and outlet that uses her site should send her money
(Scorch) guess you heard of "nopey nope" there, colfax
(colfax) yes, sign me up...and i used
(colfax) sorry had some home interruptions..going tooo fast
(colfax) i dont know where nopey started, but i used it all the time to parody whoever stareted it
(Melhisssa) JT do you know about the Forum Queens?
(colfax) like wilton
(Scorch) JT, I have really enjoyed your writing, it flows like thought.
(Melhisssa) What DID Matthews tell you I wonder
(Snacks) No, Wilton is not one of the forum queens !!
(colfax) it was such a great outlet till it started causing me jail trouble
(Melhisssa) like Wilton,no not quite like Wilton
*** Snacks is now known as Candy
(colfax) then would it be jameson and all
(Melhisssa) So what kind of trouble, other than getting you moved, di it cause you?
*** Candy is now known as snacks
(Melhisssa) ARGG...no, see you do not have a clea picture of what was going on, not at all
(snacks) CookieJar=Snacks
(colfax) moving took a lot out of me, and caused me to be there three extra weeks, all the qguards paranoid about what i was writing..in some respects it was funny
(Melhisssa) not even a blurry vision I'm afraid
(colfax) lance refused to tell me much
(Melhisssa) Matthew couldn't run with the big dogs, BNF was a wild place to be and he couldn't control it, so he basically lost it
*** Hibiscus is now known as Denver_
(colfax) lance is a big liar but not all can be blamed on him
(Denver_) Hi JT, this is Denver, and I have never bad-mouthed you
(Scorch) JT, who else can you blame?
(Melhisssa) Well, I will tell you this. Thepeople you have been led to believe are the "bad guys" are not. They are just the people who caught on to Matthews and refused to let him get away with it. IT had NOTHING to do with you
(Denver_) I enjoyed reading your letters
(colfax) hi, denver, i don't know, but it was all part of the experiment and it wouldn't have been any good without objectors i suppose
(colfax) i wonder why the beannie thing..the turnaound
(Denver_) JT, I had a real problem with Matthews from day one, and I am sure he slanted a lot of what he said about me because of that
*** DimWitAFK is now known as Beanie
(Beanie) 'Tis moi, JT...
*** Melhisssa is now known as Harmonot
(colfax) theres no doubt about that...i wish he wasn't like he was..i feel like WE all participated in something unique..you all, me, lance, goethe everyone aware
(colfax) hi beannie
(Harmonot) LOL, I wouldn't call goethe aware...LOL
(Denver_) Goethe is an idiot
(Harmonot) LOL, yes SHE is
(MamaTot) ....always faunching...
(CookieJar) yes Goethe is an idiot, I agree on that
(colfax) yes, but an idiot i became AWARE of in an amazing way
(Denver_) Matthews is a user of people just like jammy
(CookieJar) Goethe2 is also SEAL, same person
(colfax) yes for sure
(Beanie) JT... I never changed my opinion of you. And I never changed my opinion of the value of your Ramsey case contribs
(colfax) i heard about seal etc
(Harmonot) Did Matthews talk to you about Bluefire at all?
(colfax) i don't know, i saw only minor slights about my selfishness..etc, but lance would later tell me "atttack so and so..including you
(CookieJar) J.T., I always meant to tell you that I was very sorry about what happened to you when they switched you to Gilpin jail
(colfax) i saw a few blue fire things on forum chat printouts but he never told me about blue fire
(grapespar) you had no way of knowing the truth, since he was in control of the information you were receiving
(Beanie) JT... I initially didn't know smit about you... just your court stuff... your jail cell reporting...
(colfax) it just made the time seem longer
(Harmonot) So he was trying to perpetuate the shit he stirred up through your letters as well? That is not a suprise, but I personally thought you knew what was going on at BNF
(CookieJar) I thought J.T. knew everything that was going on and that he had approved everything
(colfax) i just dont understand the lying bug of lances...so unnecessary...it's not like i would nt lie to get a job or something, but why so much lyinhg effort on net
(grapespar) he ask for their address so he can give the address to you he says
(colfax) right...and to make them talk to him...acting as an agent of mine..etc..i hit the roof when he called gosage
(CookieJar) I have no idea why J.T.
(CookieJar) Why did he call Gosage?
(Beanie) JT... Lance told me via phone that you mailed used condoms and toilet paper in some of your Clarksburg missives. True or false?
(colfax) he would do those things, mention them to me and refuse to tell tme much of what occurr3ed so..surely you understand my need to clip his feather right after i got out
(CookieJar) Oh we all understand exactly why you needed to clip his feathers
(colfax) absolutely false and thats the kind of thing that disgusts me about him
(CookieJar) Your saying the story Beanie just told you is false?
(grapespar) colfax, in my opinion matthews is disgusting
(CookieJar) J.T, Ruthee has been hounded by the PLA and so she has some security on her email
(colfax) yes...theres a lot of people who really liked my clarksburg project and now it's apparently reduced to this used condom crap
(colfax) same thing with that stoopid noodles march
(CookieJar) We are glad you were able to clear that part up JT
(Beanie) The kind of stuff MattSpews told ME about you affected my opinion of you... (along you your feces/smit fetish)
(MamaTot) Matthews sure did paint a different picture of you JT...thats for sure.
(colfax) i thought i tried to send oblique messages about..i am not lance
(Denver_) JT here is the url for the Ram case parody sites
(MamaTot) Maybe they were too oblique? :-)
(Denver_) Maybe CandyRose can send the parody sites url to you, JT in an email
(CookieJar) J.T., he had a lot of control from this end and we were only allowed to see what he wanted us to see
(Ruthee) Colfax, I say this with respect...your normal messages are oblique to me.
(CookieJar) I will send that to JT via email Denver
(colfax) in boulder when i got out lance grabbed my legal file...we tussled over it...he was dtermined to post the corpse photos with no vote from me at all...nopey nope no...why would i want to go back into all that
(Beanie) JT... your oblique messages may NOT have been included on your website.
(Denver_) thanks bj...
(colfax) i missed a inch or tewo here
(CookieJar) Only occasionally did we catch something on your web page that made us think something was wrong
(Ruthee) Colfax, doesn't he understand that the relatives of those people could sue you if they were posted on the net.
(Beanie) ...JT... I'm short an inch or two here, too. ;-)
(colfax) refused to evn hear about it..i knew it well
(CookieJar) did he get the photos away from you or did you keep them?
(colfax) are we stuck
(CookieJar) I am here
(colfax) i kept them
(CookieJar) Can you see me
(CookieJar) Can you see me J.T.?
(Denver_) we may have a lag
(colfax) they were a product of being only around the dead at a hard (drinking) time...what do i want with that 2 years later
(eeday) WIth a lag, it may take a minute to respond
(colfax) yes i see you all
(Beanie) ...smit... I better put my pants on...
(CookieJar) Are you naked again Beanie !!
(Beanie) ...'fraid so, Cookie
(colfax) dont worry lance will post the photo
(CookieJar) Lance will post the photos??? Is that correct?
(colfax) no, i meant the nude beannie photos..lol
(colfax) this is so facsinating to me to tralk to these familiar names
(CookieJar) You still there JT?
(colfax) onwards
(colfax) yes
(Denver_) JT's server is lagging
(Scorch) So what do you think of Lance and Jameson's friendship, JT?
(abercromb) Cookie, it's me, Puddy
(colfax) whats jamesons interst in this whole thing
(CookieJar) LOL, it is a good thing you said something Puddy !!
(abercromb) hi!
(CookieJar) I had my hand on the KICK button
(Scorch) JT....her interest is fame
(colfax) thought so
(abercromb) amen, Scorch
(colfax) i wonder if everyhting i do will always come back to these incidents
(Scorch) What did Lance tell you about Jameson, JT?
(Ruthee) Colfax....have you ever spoken with Jameson?
(CookieJar) I think it will for a while colfax
(MamaTot) I doubt it will forever.
(grapespar) please don't feel like that colfax, I think we are getting to understand you better
(colfax) over time...first she was a nut..then i saw his i like jaemson thing..i kept telling him not to bothre with her
(abercromb) good advice, JT
(grapespar) she is a true nut
(MamaTot) him?
(CookieJar) It will as long as this case drags on and there is history of who was who
(abercromb) JT, it doesn't matter what other people know you by... it's what you know yourself by.
(CookieJar) J.T., did he eger tell you WHY he wanted to keep her around?
(Denver_) matthews started out hating jammy, then saw she might be able to use jammy, so then they were buds
(colfax) my idea for all that webriting is to boil it into a book that would have a waiting for the r's in jail tone but is really about my social problems to be too suucint
(colfax) i thought it was facinating talking to you all from jail
(colfax) it's too bad it had to be filtered thru a crazed dunce
(CookieJar) I am glad that we could help kill some time for you !! :-)
(Scorch) Yes, very unfortunate, JT
(colfax) what are we waiting for
(Ruthee) I'm sorry I was late.....does colfax think there will be and indictment?
(CookieJar) Waiting for what?
(abercromb) good question Ruthee
(CookieJar) Can you see all of us JT? I think the server you are on might be slower than the one we are on.
(grapespar) hasn't seen the question I don't think
(colfax) i used to think so , and i guess i still do, but here we go to delay town again...
(BayBB) Yep
(Ruthee) Thanks.
(colfax) yes...
(abercromb) k
(abercromb) surely they are just dotting their i's and crossing their t's right now, to make sure every stone has been overturned. I truly believe there will be an indictment.
(Ruthee) I'm serious, I plan to picket the place if there is no indictment.
(abercromb) Ruthee, I'll be there too!
(colfax) but theres plenty in media that quueitly say the same but i don't want to burn them
(abercromb) well, don't give their names... just say what they are hearing!
(grapespar) I will be with your ruthee
(colfax) i think i saw lou smit at justcenter yesterday
(abercromb) asshole smit
(Scorch) Did anyone ask JT why his website was deleted from Sunnyday?
(colfax) not so recent as that have i heard more than just..of course pr did it
(grapespar) lou smit sounds like he sold out
(shana) Hiya JT, sorry to be late
(Denver_) that is a good question...why did Tara take down the Colfax site on sunnyday?
(abercromb) be glad your site is off of sunnyday. I wouldn't go there. I don't trust her.
(colfax) sunnny gave it over completely to lance and he wont put it up to punish me even though i knew he'd o that..so what..it's over...blinking out at that point fits
(colfax) hi
(shana) I saw a Tara BBS on OneList or somesuch site...said it was taken down. Had a Colfax subsection.
(Scorch) Did you get to see it at all, JT?
(colfax) not to explore myself no..just a glimpse here there from guards
(MamaTot) It so strange, because to most of us, that website was YOU......yet you never really saw most of it.
(colfax) it was a 'living'thing because of you all while i was there..not nec. anymore
(Denver_) DO the guards surf the Ram internet sites
(eeday) JT, take care I have to go. Good nite.
(colfax) i had someone download on paper every sinigle bit of it..i'm going to edit it into a strange little book
(colfax) bye
(abercromb) I'm glad you have hard copies of it, JT
(Scorch) I want a copy of that book, JT
(abercromb) and sorry that Lance is playing is miserable little game with you.
(colfax) some surf..yes..but they wwere especially intersted in mine to see if i wrote of them
(Scorch) I am sure they were!
(shana) Did they read all your outgoing snail mail or no, in Boulder Jail?
(Denver_) Did the guards read any of the forums?
(colfax) aside ffrom the r. stuff does it seem like there was anything of value there ..the whole interaction thing etc
(Ruthee) Colfax, very early on Matthews called me at home, and then sent me a fax, the one about the kitchen remodel, and I knew then he was a con man, have never had anything to do with him since.
(abercromb) wow, ruthee
(colfax) i never was aware of them in the forums, but i know someone is assigned to it
(shana) A guard is assigned to read JBR forums???
(colfax) theres the whole other wing of deputies who onbly work at the juscenter
(colfax) absolutely yes...assigned
(shana) Whattajob! lol
(MamaTot) I wonder if they've ever posted. LOL!
(Scorch) JT, I thought the whole idea of your internet project was very cool. Lance phukked it up, though.
(Ruthee) Well Denver and Pud, we will have to adjust our posts. LOL
(colfax) yes, but it was the only ave out..i kept thinking that i was like buried and that all i had for support was this jackass who first intstalled a braething tube, and then decided to blow smoke in it
(Ruthee) yes
(shana) JT, xlnt!
(grapespar) lol colfax
(grapespar) good one
(colfax) what?
(shana) JT, what you said above was xlnt=excellent
(grapespar) blowing smoke in you air tube
(Ruthee) Jameson was in Cyber while I was there a while ago.
(abercromb) JT, then Lance served his purpose... you will move on and make good of yourself.
(shana) JT, were you ever on Colfax Ave in No Hollywood...any connection to your name?
(CookieJar) So what are your plans J.T.?
(colfax) regardless of the lying etc...it couldn't have happened without lance..i was surprized no one hardly snailed me even annonymously
(CookieJar) I almost did several time J.T)
(colfax) yes, been there..but i took it from denver colo's biggest avenue named after first vp to resign in disgrace
(shana) JT, thx...that's what I later read, but earlier reports were about No Hwd so wanted to get your word on it.
(colfax) oh well, wee had such 'trust ' interference due to the clownlance
(CookieJar) Shana, J.T. has cleared up a lot of things tonight that were falsly reported
(Scorch) Me too, JT. It was difficult to determine your feelings about Lance's activities though, when your writings were being strained through his self-serving skull
(Denver_) Lance screwed it all up in the trust department
(colfax) no doubt
(BayBB) Sure did Den
(CookieJar) J.T., do you think Lance will leave you alone for good?
(grapespar) colfax, was lisa flowers at thenoodle march?
(Ruthee) Colfax....I did a web page about the kitchen remodel and your report....Lance e-mailed me and was upset because I didn't mention him by name.
(CookieJar) Or do you two still have some connectons?
(abercromb) hi mattie... it's me puddy/spencer
(colfax) but in the long run..it's still an interseting phenomenon
(Matilda1) Hi how are you :-)
(shana) Hi Mattie
(colfax) i talked to him a few days ago just to see if he stopped simmmering
(Scorch) I am sure that in looking back, Lance's crao will have made this all the more interesting an experience. Even though I do detest him.
(Scorch) crao=crap
(colfax) he will boil whenn one of you reports on this chat
(abercromb) I think he burned quite a few bridges behind him... he is not well liked. To say the least!
(colfax) if he's not here now
(Scorch) Why is that, JT? Does he want to do all the talking for you?
(Ruthee) We know everyone who is here now.
(Denver_) pretty sure he is not here now
(grapespar) I think his probation should be revoked for the wiretapping of pammy
(shana) Hmmm
(colfax) i only did what everyone else does to him...get out
(abercromb) good
(shana) Sounds like somebody else we know
(colfax) oh...he'll here
(Denver_) good decision, JT
(abercromb) He is a con, a user, a manipulator. He only has one goal, to further himself, by any means possible.
(colfax) i mean hear
(grapespar) I hope not
(grapespar) if jammy hears he will
(Ruthee) colfax, do you NOT want this chat mentioned?
(shana) I don't see anyone here who would tell him
(colfax) right so he must play on my ungratefulness
(abercromb) yes!
(abercromb) sounds like my mother... "after allllll I did for you"~!
(colfax) i don't care really...it's too bad thats its all about him but he was the conduit and were now learning what really happened
(grapespar) he is a spoiled brat, he gave us till last night to read his singular intervview, said he had had it upa week and none of us cared to read it so it was coming down last night
(Ruthee) Colfax, It hasn't been all about him for months and it never was with me.
(abercromb) does anyone know if he is still in touch with Jammy?
(Ruthee) I hear he is
(grapespar) he was in jammy's chat last night, she was not there, I am sure he is
(Matilda1) He was at the jammy chat the other day
(Ruthee) I still didn't go listen to his site.
(grapespar) I didn't either
(shana) Me neither
(abercromb) thanks, mattie
(grapespar) don't like his voice
(BayBB) Me either
(colfax) if you look waaaay back in the bouldweekly you'll find a letter lance wrote while we were there ttogether in jail..i told him repeatdly not to use up my name with overkill there but he did it anyway and even made up stoopid jokes attribuyted to me, but on his noodle fetish
(grapespar) he has gaul
(Ruthee) Did he write it under his name or yours?
(shana) I'm outofit, don't know no noodle fetish.
(colfax) too much
(abercromb) the sad thing is, he probably has a little talent... but he is so self-destructive that he will blow every opportunity he ever has.
(Ruthee) Pud, he is asocial and will never be any other way.
(Scorch) So JT, why did you go to Vancouver that Christmas?
(colfax) he wrote it under his name praising me and my humor and then put in stupid 'jokes i would never say
(abercromb) true, ruthee
(shana) JT, so in effect, he was re-making your image that early on. Interesting.
(colfax) he absorbs others taletn period
(abercromb) JT, do you know what some of these initials mean that we are using? LOL = laughing out loud; brb = be right back;
(colfax) no...he was getting HIS name in the weekly
(colfax) yes on most intiials
(Scorch) It was obvious he absorbs others talent when he was on that damn radio show
(shana) HIS name on a re-worked image of you...is that more like it? Using you at the start?
(colfax) should we get to vancouver
(Ruthee) what about vancouver?
(shana) ??? Get to what...about Vancouver?
(colfax) b4 the startthis reminds me of somthing very important can i type abvout 4 paragraphs
(Ruthee) sure, we will wait
(Scorch) I asked why he went there that Christmas
(BayBB) Do them one at a time
(Matilda1) we will have a ciggy :-)
(colfax) in a min on vancouver...i'll type this other for a few minutes please
(shana) When you're tired typing, type /end and sit a few.
(Scorch) okay
(shana) Something he wants to tell us (~ 4 paragraphs) then about Vancouver 12/96.
(colfax) when lance came to boulder during my release he came in the jail with r fleming of bweekly..so therefore of course i couldn't ask a thing about this march lance planned..anyway..listencarefully..i brought up the paugh recordings right then just to zing him..and lance turned to fleming anfd said. "YOU CAN'T USE THAT"..FLEMING DIDN'T GET A CHANCE TO FULLY UNDERSTAND , BUT FLEMING KNOWS HE HEARD SOMETHING ABOUT IT AND THAT LKANCE DIDN'TR DENY IT RIGHT
(shana) JT, did I say that right? Anyway, ga! go ahead...puhleeeze
(colfax) please repeat
(shana) Go more
(colfax) on recordings?
(abercromb) good for you, JT... glad you brought it up in front of the reporter.
(shana) JT, please continue

Continued on Part II - #thecookiejar 7-28-1999


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