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Tuesday, October 12, 1999


JT Colfax in Denver, Colorado
Tuesday, October 12, 1999

heres some exhausted notes for our cheezey cottage industry. Quicklike. HUNDREDS of media people...a huge swarm...party atmosphere. Not so many boulderites,, but actually plenty of them too.

Charlie Brennan zapped in kinda late comparatively and managed to park right next to gj reserved spots. Frank Coffman is a truman Capoteish grandiose jackass....buzzing round with his camcorder....sniffing at lesser people. Schiller was here there and everywhere.

For some odd reason the sherriffs dept decided to place a gaggle of jumpsuited inmate workers raking leaves RIGHT behind the main phalanx du media. Odd. I saw Sherriff Epp drive by EARLY and look about and then drive away from the justice center where his office is...alone.

More...media personae are cackling about the rude message on aunt pams machine....suchlike..:"Theres only one of me and lots of you...so i will only talk to larry king" and there were two other reporters named ...i cant BELIEVE i forgot whom...one's a woman.....

Next...more...peter boyles producer trying constantly to get someone to page doc. hodges....Shciller, well...i asked him if he'll write another book on this case should a trial happen...he answered a very sure and quick..."NO"...

Several deputies of my acquaint spent several minutes trying to jimmie open a red cherokee...finally they gave up on it...who knows what that was about.

The guy from the atlanta constitution (he loves aunt pams house which is filled with angels and fotos of jbr) says he might well be here a week.

Charlie Brennan says he has his paperback issue copies from the publishers. Schiller confirms the book comes out this week or next. Several near traffic collisions......and that's the way it was except to reiterate that frank coffman suffers from the same grandiosity lancey manson does....lance matthews....

hey, lance...since your're probably lurking out there you might want to know your drug dealing friend Big Lance" is back in jail and in inmatre workers...get his to write you something you can USE.........and that....my shimmmering glimmering eels is all....

hey maeven, ma b.....and auntie....enjoy.

jt colfax oct 12th 11:00 or so a.m. colo time.

i gotta get outta here...im at a kinkos...they charge like you know...eine arm and und leg...besides i stayedup all night moving to a new place...so suddenly at 4 a.m. i wnet to bus station...hope it's worth it to some of you. Brennan is supernice...he really is a decent guy...so is the guy from atlanta journal you'll be reading his article via brady this week no doubt...but coffman is MOST distasteful. Oh...all the media is truly truly and really in LIMBO for an outcome...no one knows....drama drama drama....bake those patsy did it cakes NOW....

Glad you all liked the report...and not one snarling retort yet....i forgot...in my exhaustion that the punchline of pam paughs tart answering machine message was that after she said she'd only talk to larry king and two others she said, "so the rest of you will just have to stand in line." THE EFFECT in the r. camo must be devastating right now...unfortunately ive been working the rest of the day...have been communicationless for 8 hours and for all i know they're already in jail...and you all are watching special reporrts on tv...de3nvers chan 4 did houtrly updaters this afternoon...like when nixon was dying...incredible.

i also forgot to mention the WATCHING of the GRAND JURY arrive and enter the building BUT like i said it was a PARTY atmosphere and with the arrival of each gj memeber everything stopped for the walk but since the WALK was all there was to it...it wasn;t much. Not ONE protester in site...there was a babbler about boulder being a big cia town etc....

i was there when the sun came up ...until about 10.00 a.m. and am paying dearly for it...not to mention that the first post to start this thread cost 10.78 cents at this hideous kinkos. rushing now naturally. i wont be able to be in aunties chat...i've changed jobs at the same place ive been working, now i have a REAL job...life moving on.

i dont know why people are surprized i can write...thats all i ever wanted to do...and i neglected NORMAL life for it...and thereby...got in lotsa trouble...some thought my presence was inappropriate this morning...but brennan and boyles were kind...and the guy from the contitution, glen asakawa was pretty jackassish to me...he's a rmnews fotog. larry kings booker is HIDEOUS with grandiosity. all i can think of for now...letr me have a sleep cycle...i'lll think of more...Anyone in the area SHOULD go there if there are other days like this...it's a mess but worth it...

a large batch of excellant photos of the scene linked via brady today...i think "skydog "did em...but somehow they make the scene sem sparsley populated...but in reality...every time you found a nice grassy knoll from which to watch wait commisserate...in about 2 seconds a tv crew would plant right in frente of vous.can i say one time more that frank coffman is a bore........

i have forgotten to tell you that when i was in jail and it looked like it was ramsey o'clock back in april or so b4 it turned out they extended les jury grande, that i received eine message to call monsewer francis coffman...and when i did so...the freak kept babbling about being in touch with major tabloids offering 6 figures for help in getting a photo of une rams in les handcuffs. imagine how I was supposed to help in this blurry deal from jail....oh how we giggled at les card table when i got off les phone..still....he thought i might be useful...and now...LES COLD....a cut les line trait of FEEDERS...he SHANT go far...oh no.

it occurs to me that i should mention that all sorts of little nuggets such as that will break lose in all directions from everyone , on all related subject SOON...and the more they do les mingle in les parking lot, well, les more so...i have only a pickanica basket of les greasy crap found behind a public toilette so to speak......but wait till it's OVER and people feel they no longer need civility with certain others......oh, les mudd...it shall fly...and jameson will get an unimportant share.

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