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Reporting on the Linda Arndt Civil Trial
Monday, June 4, 2001
Day 5


JT Colfax in Denver, Colorado
Monday, June 4, 2001

JT Colfax did not go to the court house today (Monday) so there will be no report from JT on the Arndt trial but JT did report on some information he was privy to on a side note unrelated to the Arndt trial.

Posted by JT.Colfax on the ACR-2 Forum 6-1-2001 2:28am:

I know i like to TEASE sometimes,...but THIS time, I will NOT immediately turn around and TELL you WHO I am speaking about. NOT EVER. I am NOT quite the 'desperate to TELL' eel I might SEEM to be. I do NOT beleive it is of DREADFUL HARM to report on reporters covering the r case for instance.

All I'm saying is: there is a PATHETIC ramsey case figure who is/or was (I've known this for quite some time) working at a denver coffee restaurant. A national chain. And by "pathetic" I mean SAD, and DRAGGED INTO,...i do NOT mean a reporter, and I definately mean someone who wanted, and WANTS NO PART in this.

Me dunt tell everything. THIS particular thing AINT worth it.

It's really NONE of our business, and life is marching on for this person. I'm sure some can FIGURE who I am talking about. But, I won't point further. what a wierd pulsation of recognition it was. But it wasn't LATELY, so he may not even be there anymore. OFF to something new, or, more trouble, who knows? Well, WE, SHOULDN'T KNOW. There are SOME people who REALLY need to STOP being dragged into this. THIS thing can HURT. I forget that sometimes, because: I PLAY.

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"Toadload" and "Reporter" in Denver, Colorado
Monday, June 4, 2001

Two other Internet posters under the hat names of "Toadload" and "Reporter" did attend the trial today (Monday) and their reports will be posted on the ACandyRose II Subculture Forum.

"Reporter's" report is also posted at the Justice Watch Forum located at http://www.justicewatch.com

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