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lflowers - 04:24pm Jan 19, 1999 MST
"You are hereby sentenced to live as an island and tire of yourself"

Let's summarize this latest scandal in a crude nutshell. Several of you have already called a woman's place of work with the intention of getting her fired, although no doubt your calls to her employer were masked in the kind of "concern" and professional sociopathy the Ramseys are good at. Then more of you joined on the gangbang...some of you, like MadKow, with the aid of strap ons... and threatened to harass her and her family by reporting her to child protection services....I seem to remember being told of this happening to another poster as well, long before I got here...tell me...does it sound familiar?

Yet all this is the "popular" thing for posters to be doing. "Count me in!", you sing out brightly, like the Manson girls volunteering for the "Dear Cicelo Drive" project.... Yes, helping posters in denial is the "ethical" thing to do. So is flaming on endlessly about rape, harassment, velvet sex gloves, incest in the barn, and fake vaginas. Sweet butchered Christ, as Donleavy's Sebastian Dangerfield was wont to say...you people simply CANNOT get enough, can you?..And while you're taking a moral stand against corpse abuse and some ridiculous cyber cartoon cow given to embellishing it's sexual escapades, you sit in front of your computer screens all day in a knitting circle;a bridge club party that might have been organized by Dean Stockwell in "Blue Velvet". You are, as WS Merwins late wife once said of Sylvia Plath, only moralists when it suits you.

Get off your computers and go spend some time with your family; you pathetic, perverted little hypocrites... IF you've got one left after the domestic havoc your internet addiction surely must have wreaked in your households. Hopefully none of you have small children; because,though you're not THAT kinda junkie,YOUR child could nevertheless very well end up like "wee Dawn "in "Trainspotting" if you don't get help for your cyberdependency now.Ah...blast it. Off with ya. A PLAGUE ON BOTH YOUR HOUSES. Go drown in de river Styx, weighted down, the coins of yer life's work tied to yer wrists and ankles; and take yer modems with you... Charon doesn't accept counterfeit souls...not even in Tartarus.


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