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October 1998
10-14-1998 (R) Colfax's first letter posted on the Boulder News Forum *
10-17-1998 (R) Colfax's letter about Dean Cole doing work in Ramsey house *
10-19-1998 (R) Colfax's letter on another inmates friend arrest w/jbrphotos *
10-20-1998 (R) Colfax on the morgue Log and fire - Where it started and why *
10-21-1998 (R) Colfax *
10-22-1998 (R) Colfax *
10-23-1998 (R) Colfax *
10-26-1998 (R) Colfax *
10-27-1998 (R) Colfax *
10-28-1998 (R) Colfax *
10-29-1998 (R) Colfax *
10-30-1998 (R) Colfax *

November 1998

April 1999
04-23-1999 (R) JT Colfax's jail letter about the party near Ramsey house *
04-23-1999 (G) JT Colfax's jail drawing about party near Ramsey house (map) *


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