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"Patsy Manson"


Patsy Manson

Patsy Ramsey chewing thru a log like a beaver...
Patsy Ramsey standing outside Katherine Hepburn's window making notes on her HEADSHAKING TECHNIQUE....
Patsy Ramsey giggling in a mirror...
Patsy Ramsey goes to Six Flags and appears to talk to someone, who isn't really there,
(on the TEA CUP ride)

Patsy Ramsey, in all matters takes a deep breath and asks herself-
"what would LIZA MINNELLI do?" ......
Patsy Ramsey grandiosely whipping out her credit card and waiting for sales clerk recognition...
Patsy Ramsey ingratiating herself with Lizzie Borden in hell

Patsy Ramsey at the McDonalds (on Peachtree) in Atlanta LOUDLY orders suchlike:
"Oh, just give me a f***in Happy Meal." .....
Patsy Ramsey running for the Senate against Hillary Rodham Clinton.....
Patsy Ramsey chasing a naked BURKE around the mansion, pushing a sequin dress at him while screaming,
"you have to be America's People's Princess Now."

Patsy Ramsey having a cup of urine thrown in her face at Heaven's Gate ....
Patsy Ramsey chased endlessly at nite, round a racetrack by a mechanical rabbit that looks like JBR's ghost
(flowing nitegown, outstretched arms, malevolent eyes) ...
Patsy Ramsey reminding Burke that she can only buy him a candy factory
"if nobody tattles" ....
Patsy Ramsey naked and spreadwide on the couch saying, "let's make another little girl John, maybe that'll get the bastards off our backs."

Patsy Ramsey, instead of wearing an AIDS RIBBON, decides it would be cute to sport some little boy's penis on her lapel.....
Patsy Ramsey, in Spain, she misunderstands the Running of the Bulls festival, whips out a maglight and starts thunkin the cows to death.....
Patsy Ramsey pounding LIZ TAYLOR's door at 4:00AM, bottle of wine in hand, shouting up at the bedroom window, "BITCH, I bet there's plenty uh yung peepul that don't know who duh hell you are compared to ME."

Patsy Ramsey and her husband have themselves buried with only their heads sticking out of the ground at Atlanta's ungodly TECHWOOD HOUSING PROJECTS, a hollowed elephants leg full of golf clubs stands near them

Patsy Ramsey, working feverishly in her basement, wood chips flying everywhere because, like a beaver, she is gnawing her own casket

by J.T.Colfax


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