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Lance Matthew's July 1, 1999
News Release
"The 1,000 Noodle March"
Tuesday July 13, 1999


Subj: J.T.Colfax To Be Released From Bolder County Jail! Info enclosed
Date: 99-07-01 00:57:26 EDT
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James Thompson AKA J.T.Colfax, to be released on July 13th.

After serving more than two years for mischief in the afterglow of the JonBenet Ramsey fallout, shock artist J.T.Colfax, will leave his current residence in the Boulder County Jail and be loose on the world again!

What are his plans?

Find out in this latest missive to be found in The Colfax Diaries... http://www.sunnyday.com/colfax/letters/t99end.htm

Corpsey Lorpsey Is On The Loose!"

The 1,000 Noodle March

That's right, JT's free stay in a suite in YOUR very own Boulder BCSD Hilton, after serving over 2 years for the theft of one piece of paper (morgue log page with JonBenet Ramsey's entry), shall end on July 13th. Yes, JT will be lurking in YOUR town... Kind of a scary thought for some of you, eh?

Meet this unique and prolific artist in person in front of Pasta Jay's at 1701 Pearl St. in Boulder at precisely High noon on Tuesday, July 13th to show your support and meet JT.

Join us for the 1,000 Noodle March from Pasta Jay's to the Boulder (In)Justice Center. Balloons, whistles and kazoos for all! The march will conclude with a picnic just outside of this fine establishment of Colorado justice (picnic tables gracefully provided by the city of Boulder).

What will JT do next? Well, on the 16th of July, just 3 days after his release, JT rejoins the art scene in Denver with a gallery opening at Heart Studio & Gallery, 4325 W. 41st Ave. in Denver. The openning party is scheduled from 8;00PM til 10:30PM.

For more information about this show dial (303)480-1053



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