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[The Wall of Shame]

J.T. Colfax is an artist who's chosen media as his communications.

Colfax's past art projects have been written about in such papers as the Wall Street Journal (October 24, 1994), the Washington Post (June 25, 1995), the Philadelphia Inquirer (April 9, 1995), the New York Post (Oct. 1994) and several other like publications covered his stories, as well as his "Wall Of Shame" project, which entailed Colfax's collecting snapshots and biographies of rejected New York actors and actresses out of a dumpster, blowing them up to poster size, writing a "reason for rejection" beneath each photograph and plastering them on a conspicuous Lower East Side wall.

In a final insult to these poor rejected thespians, he arranged the poster sized headshots and resumes to spell out the word, "REJECT" and outlined these letters in black spray paint.


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