An Inside View Of
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Ramsey The Klown Project
Created by Lance Matthews
As his Christmas gift to J.T.Colfax

Flyers were collages of JT Colfax's art
And were distributed December 19, 1998
Boulder Colorado, New York City,
San Francisco California, Atlanta Georgia


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This is the e-mail below that Lance Matthews mailed to undisclosed recipients on December 15, 1998 to announce his gift to JT Colfax for Christmas as the "Ramsey The Klown" project

Subj: Happy Holidays...A sneak preview of the "Ramsey the Klown" project!!!!!
Date: 98-12-15 11:11:32 EST
From: mlance1@nycap.rr.com (Lance Matthews)
To: Undisclosed.Recipients@mail-atm.nycap.rr.com

"RAMSEY the Klown".....4 page fliers to be distributed this Sat. in Boulder, CO; N.Y.C.; S.F., CA; and ATLANTA, GA.........(This version of the flier has been edited to be distributed to YOU via the internet.)



It's me, Lance Matthews. This flier is my Christmas gift to my friend J.T.Colfax aka James Thompson. You will read about his plight in "The Sorry Saga of J.T.Colfax" @;


He wanted me to give this to YOU.

He would would LOVE your response on his situation and your opinion on The Ramsey Case; (innocent/guilty.)

His Past art projects have been written about in such papers as, The Washington Post, June 25th, 95; The Philadelphia Inquirer, April 9th, 95; N.Y.Newsday and the N.Y.Post in Oct. 94; The Wall Street Journal Oct. 24th or 25th, 94; and in many others. He is an artist who's chosen media is communications.

James is, in my opinion, one of the most prolific writers of our time. You can read his daily diary pages on his web site, or on The Boulder News, JonBenet Ramsey murder forum; (Boulder News Forum @; www.bouldernews.com)

He is currently incarcerated in the Boulder County Jail for shoving a few pieces of lit paper through the mail slot of the vacant Ramsey house (damage = a small impingement on the floorboards) He also stole a page from the Boulder morgue log containing the entree of JonBenet's. He received two years for these stunts.(Oh yeah, he was also written about for taking photos of corpses with whimsical signs on them, like "Happy Halloween" and "Getting Fired isn't the end of the world".) James is currenty the first inmate to have a daily presence and participation in a opinion forum on the internet.

My Christmas gift from me to him is to e-mail to you these pages and ask you;

1. to tell a friend, visit his web site, e-mail him.(All of his e-mail is relayed by me and he will respond to ALL inquiries.).

2. to PLEASE write him your opinion. Just take five minutes out of your day and scribble him a note, a thought, your opinion on life....anything. You don't need to write a return address on the envelope..........It is only 32cents and a moment of your time.

J.T.Colfax c/o James Thompson
J.T.'s web site @;(now w/daily updates)
Boulder County Jail
3200 Airport Road
e-mail J.T. @;
Boulder, Colorado 80301

Thank you for taking the time out of your holiday season to read this. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!!,

Lance Matthews

e-mail @; matthewslance@hotmail.com


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