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Colfax's Letter to Steve Thomas
April 6, 2001


J.T.Colfax posted this letter on the ACandyRose Internet Subculture Forum with request that somebody forward the posting as a letter to former Boulder Detective, Steve Thomas.


The following letter came from a posting dated, April 6, 2001 on a thread titled,
"Colfax: To: Steve Thomas":

"From: jtcolfax@hotmail.com (JTCOLFAX) Apr-6, 2001 5:22 am
To: ALL Match (1 of 10) 667.1

Howdy nieghbor!!!!!Your email addy, and po box are everywhere. I have not sent a thing: personally, or thru others. THIS is a post at ACR. I am putting it into the "open", so that others will read it and FOREWARD it to you, if, they think it's worth it. THAT IS TO SAY: THIS is an "EMAIL" to YOU, but not directly,...if you get it, it is FOREWARDED by someone at ACR that thought it might be worthwhile. THE REASON I do it this way is because i doubt you'd want to correspond in private email, or, by other means with me.

THAT SAID: here's what I have to say to YOU. I enjoyed your book, and I was delighted at certain OTHER of your actions, such as telling PATSY RAMSEY she was GOOD for it on TV. You and Gosage, (although he was a little bitchy at times) were MORE than decent in your dealings with me. For the first time since i got out, I was frisked by a cp TONIGHT, because an alarm went off at the place where I work. It's a bogus alarm problem, and I was TOTALLY cooperative, and all went FINE, and I understood thier postion perfectly. BUT: the contact with police tonight, and, the things that are in the wind with you and the Ramseys must be the catalyst for whatever makes me decide to try this attempt at communication with you.

All I can say is: I certainly DO hope the Ramseys embarrass the hell out of themselves in thier lawsuit against you. Although I KNOW the ways of the media, and the shade of the Inquirer types, I very much believe that paper would NEVER attempt to misquote the Ramseys on the recent backtracking of the saga about Burke's wakefulness. I am more than certain that LAWSUITS have to do with THAT revelation. I am also COMPLETELY disgusted that your compatriots don't go and ARREST them NOW, simply because of THAT story alone.

In any case, minor "figure" that I am, I am writing this to refresh YOUR memory on things that, because they are related to me, you have probably forgotten due to thier unimportance in the scheme of things as far as how the MURDER went. I do NOT know if THESE reminders are in any way germain to your lawsuit problems, but they MAY be, that is: if the Ramseys and thier investigators have any bearing on the whole thing (of the suit).

SPECIFICALLY: I want to remind you,....and you MUST distant yourself from the COP being argued against by the perp who finds a Minor ERROR in police reports and HARPS about it....I am specifically trying to remind you of the fact that I set the small fire at the Ramsey House at about midnite....and I called your partner Gosage at about noon the NEXT day. Yet, Jennifer Geddes, of the Ramsey's investigative team came to the 755 addy EARLY in the morning, discovered the fire damge, called Bryon Morgan, and THEY proceeded to close the door of the mailslot with a towell, etc....(look at your own reports for more details, and Gosage's and Weinheimer's).

THERE is NO doubt about the fact that I DID IT, and was totally, and ONLY guilty of doing it. BUT NOW, it MIGHT be germain that AFTER the fact, the ramsey's people are DOCUMENTED to have discovered this action, and failed to call the police, lawyers, and pi's FAILING to report a crime,...and that the police ONLY found out thru my call to Det. Gosage at about 11:something a.m. Hours after discovery.

THIS is important: BUT I don NOT know if it IS important in your pending lawsuit. Still, I thought it should be brought to your attention AGAIN. There may be OTHER incidents I don't know about, that will come up in the suit, and I just felt like you should be reminded of THIS. Because NOW, it doesn't HAVE the SHRILL effect of an inmate harping about technicalities. I am WAY over the whole thing. But this incident sticks in my craw, because it just SEEMS like the FIRST thing Morgan et al would do is CALL the cops once they discovered the fire damage.

It should be further noted that in the police reports GEDDES only FINALLY mentioned being in the r house earlier because either YOU, Gpsage, or weinhiemer ASKED about: how could the person who set this fire have closed the inside mail slot door. IMPOSSIBLE. SO, a report by one of you says: "Later, geddes admitted she'd been in the house earlier and closed the door with a towell to prevent spreading of evidence via wind." That is a broad quote, but whatever the real quote is, it SAYS the exact same thing MEANINGWISE.

Auntie BJ,...aka,...ACANDY ROSE, can GET this stuff for you in 2 seconds if you ask her. She's got YOUR reports stored away, and those of the other officers as well. They are also on a site called REDD HERRING, I think. In any case, you SHOULD be able to GET all the relevant reports of yourself and other officers about the fire incident via subpeona...or....hell.....just ask Gosage. AGAIN:

I reiterate: I do NOT know the VALUE of this reminder, perhaps it is ZERO. BUT: I thought you may be focusing on so many things we do not even KNOW about that my CRAP could be LONG forgotten as useless to you, as it WAS useless in the MURDER investigation. Your mind must have been clogged with all the details, and the whole "colfax fire" thing could SO EASILY be a thing that you think of as my personal problem BULLSHIT. BUT, in the MIDST of it, there IS this ONE bizarre and unethical incident on THIER part.

My story on the time line of the fire has NEVER changed, never will, and I would TOTALLY do polygraphs on the fact that I did it at "about midnite",,,and that Gosage was TOTALLY flabbergasted when i called him at 11:something the next a.m. and told him about it. MEANWHILE: team ramsey was CONTROLLING the evidence of the arson, and CHANGING the nature of it.

I do NOT actually expect anything to come of this,...but I felt like the possibility that you had FORGOTTEN the GEDDES/Morgan/Ramsey KNOWLEDGE of the fire before the cops knew, details, is so possible, that I thought you MUST be reminded. I am hoping it fits other obfuscating patterns on THIER part., and MIGHT be of some use. I am CERTAIN that ACANDYROSE can dig up MANY things I've written about this over the YEARS, and never ONCE could the story waver. And so,...I wish you the best in your defense of this lawsuit by the people that probably know the MOST about the murder of JonBenet.

And, to the scaled down amount of readers ACR keeps in her stable, (about 100, I think) I am asking YOU to email this to Steve Thomas, so his people can decide whether or not it's of ANY use, and it may very well NOT be. All of the above IS now a "thread", on ACR's forum. It's TRUE that I ahve SEEN Steve Thomas's email addy on this forum, and MANY plugs for his defense fund. I COULD have emailed him MYSELF. BUT, I figure he would DISTRUST me, and fear me abusing any response he might make, and by this method, I can not even CLAIM that I've actually emailed him about these events. etc ,,,etc....None of us have any way of knowing whether this sort of thing IS of any use in the situation. But: one tries. I became kind of "old" in the Ramsey aftermath,...nevr go outside, just work, and go home.

ACR personally registered me to her forum knowing that I would know ho to find her after i got out and had the keyboard in front of me. You can BET your ass that I would enjoy having SOMETHING of my CRAP come relevant in showing the ramsey team for who they are,....tho, this isn't a big public forum, I would take pride in having this come thru ACR, and BEING of actual use. If I go back into "NEWS" I would probably lose my job. But, this would be worth it.....because THEY are lying. I wish steve thomas would COME to this forum, which does nothing but support him, AND: support it's own when there are deaths and injuries in the families. i wonder if he even know YOU particular net nuts exist............etc...etc.....




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