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Thursday July 22, 1999



On July 16, 1999 J.T. Colfax appeared on the Peter Boyles Radio show


"I think some dentures are going to drop in tea cups now, but... I had been doing an internet thing. My friend who got out of jail started putting my daily postings on the internet. He did a lot of work and everything, but we've had control issues, and I need to separate from this case, so that's why I have to do this so he stops using my name to contact people...my friend Lance Matthews is going to be angry, I'll still call him my friend. He contacts people, he's called PB at home"

"Anyway, he somehow has gotten in contact with Pam Paugh all along while I was in jail there, during the portion when I was on the internet for 9 months. And he surrepticiously recorded her and at her suggestion (he played it to me over the phone) she suggested that he and I go to the Governor's office with information on other inmates as alternative suspects."

"The snippet I heard was....he told her about some information about a party that was near the Ramsey house. It's an interesting story I posted about....cause that's what this all relates to...and she suggested that we aid them in taking it to the governor's office...and I didn't hear her say this, but I assume it would be to make some sort of big deal about it and bypass the DA. But I don't understand why they would have a problem with the DA."

"She said "Why don't you guys" and Lance is telling her things about what I've told him about other inmates, and she's saying "Why don't you guys take that to the governor's office?"



On July 28, 1999 J.T. Colfax Live Chat

The following is the unedited chat log from July 22, 1999 when Lance Matthews showed up with an explanation about the accusations that Colfax made on the Peter Boyles show about Matthews recording Pam Paugh's telephone conversations.

(theneedle) matthews did you really secretly tape Pam?
(theneedle) hi mapek?
(Afton) needle is a nurse
(violet) cool
(matthews) someone said he is just like a Simpson's character.... the mind of sideshow Bob and the demeaner of Barney.
(theneedle) oh hi violet
(jameson) is matthews answering you ? I don't see him posting
(theneedle) yes im a chemo nurse
(August) wb mapek
(violet) how brave of you. God bless!
-) [matthews] FINGER
*** Disconnected

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(Afton) are you on java August
(matthews) We talked for about 15 secs and she said she couldn't hear (studio phone=recording)....
*** brijettel has quit IRC (Read error to brijettel[]: Connection reset by peer_)
(August) Mrs Brady said Lance taped pam, but the question is -- did pam know
(Brijette) Wait, I missed the answerto that intriguing question about Pam
(August) I'm on MIRC
(theneedle) oh gee is that all....it was made to seem like some kind of major coup
(matthews) so I switched phones... later I listenned to the whole 15 secs of Hi and hello and played that to him
*** anthas2 has joined #webbsleuths
(matthews) there is nothing "off" or "revealing" about the tape
(jameson) No - she didn't realize - but we all know when we talk to him at the studio that it may be recorded
(jameson) Hi anthas
(Brijette) yopu better be careful, Matthews, what are the laws in NY concerning wiretapping?
(matthews) she never asked me to "get her info"
(jameson) But I am not defending him for playing it
(jameson) STILL - consider what was said
(anthas2) hi
*** CarolinaG has joined #webbsleuths
(August) so the taping was no big deal at all, of course anything said when calling a radio station might be taped
(violet) hi anthas2
(theneedle) hi carolina!
(matthews) Ny law is that you have to inform people you are recording them
(CarolinaG) Hello everyone!
(Afton) hi Carolina
(Afton) hi anthas2
(jameson) he told her he might have info about people partying on the street that night who had not been checked and she suggested he turn that info over to authorities - so what??
(dvus) hi CG
(jameson) Hi CG
(violet) hi carolina girl
(CarolinaG) hey hey hey
(jameson) and as far as it not being the bPD, well, we all know why she wouldn't tell him to call Beckner - LOL
(CarolinaG) who is she
(CarolinaG) sorry came in late
(matthews) brb
(theneedle) Pam Paugh
(jameson) Pam
(jameson) talking about Lance recording a conversation they had
(August) so...what about the party on the street that nite? Lance, any more info?
(theneedle) what is the other sister Polly like jameson? I never hear about her
(matthews) don't do THAT Jams...
(jameson) Polly has never spoken out about this - very private person -
(matthews) the entire tape is about 12 secs... and it's just us saying HI
(matthews) brb
(jameson) All the sisters are close
(CarolinaG) when was it recorded recently?
(jameson) Polly and Pam both support Patsy - Polly has kids she wants to protect
(jameson) not recently
(theneedle) is Pam married?
(jameson) no
(August) I think the 12 second tape was recorded about the time the "party on the street" story came out
(violet) I thought she was
(jameson) no
(August) was that about 4 months ago?
(matthews) back
(jameson) Polly is
(CarolinaG) well what does she say about the party
(violet) So Pam is single and works at the Chanel counter, does she have her own home or does she live with her parents?
(jameson) what does who say? Lance told Pam about it and she suggested he take it tot he governor
(theneedle) she used to work at access though right?
(August) Polly seems to be doing a good job to stay out of the notorioty, I applaud her
(jameson) Pam lives on her own
(jameson) Yes, Polly has avoided all media
(August) I aksed if Lance had any more info about the party? Lance?
(violet) I think Pam has a nice public speaking manner. I always enjoy seeing her
(CarolinaG) I am catching on
(jameson) Pam is very nice - sweet - lots of energy
(violet) I'm hungry
(matthews) her house is decorated in old Victorian style... she likes Disney Movies... and she is one of the best people I've met in this whole case
(matthews) (---Pamfan
(jameson) go grab a snack
(violet) there isn't anything. boohoo
(matthews) that is why J.T.'s irrational broadcast was so fucked up....
(August) I'm hungary for more case news
(CarolinaG) Guess what I bought today?
(theneedle) me too august!!
(jameson) what ?
(jameson) no news soon - no indictment, no news.
(matthews) Case News ----) THERE WILL BE NO INDICTMENT!
(matthews) FACT
(CarolinaG) A t=shirt that has CAROLINA GIRL written on it I just found it on the rack
(Afton) who told you that lance
(jameson) you just got told Smit and Douglas testified - that is a lot, IMO
(theneedle) Lance...but WHEN will there be "no indivtment"?
(August) that was tuesday, i need food every day
(mapek) has matthews met pam at her house?
(Afton) did you buy it CG
(August) I think Lance is right
(violet) The Borgs will be crying over their keyboards, and wendy will be eating hers. She promised.
(theneedle) good goin carolina!
(matthews) hey mapek....
(CarolinaG) YES!!!!!:):):)
(jameson) I don't see Lance posting - are you guys seeing him post??
(violet) yes
(August) yes, jameson
(Afton) yes we see him
(theneedle) i see him...he is matthews, right?
(matthews) can you lift the ban you imposed on me in the other chat 6 months ago?
(Afton) how come you don't
(CarolinaG) I thought Lance was Matthews
(matthews) yes
(matthews) I am Lance
(Afton) lance is matthews
(August) Matthews is lance
(CarolinaG) see told you I was catching on LOL
(Afton) or is matthews Lance
(theneedle) i like the name Lance...it is a strong name
(matthews) Good Pornstar name, eh?
(August) Lance, is your name Lancelot?
(mapek) yes, matthews met Pam at her house?
(Afton) yah like piercing
(Brijette) I always thought theneedle was lance! LOL
(matthews) no
(jameson) I don't know why but I do not see him posting at all
(theneedle) lol lance
(matthews) you have me on block
(matthews) tell her
(Afton) hmmm maybe there is a trick up his sleeve Jams
(jameson) matthews hasn't met Pam that I know of - if he has - please tell me
(Brijette) He says you have him on block
(CarolinaG) Jams he says you have him on block
(theneedle) lol brigette
(mapek) how does matthews know bout her house then?
(violet) Is anyone working with the Ramseys to write a book from their side? I'm thinking of Dan Glick Sherry Osborne?
(CarolinaG) good question
(matthews) can you see me mapek?
(matthews) ?
(matthews) ?
(matthews) ?
(CarolinaG) yes
(matthews) ?
(August) Mapek, Lance says he has met Pam at her house, but Jameson can't see lances posts
(CarolinaG) I can
(jameson) ask matthews how I get him off block - I didn't do anything
(matthews) I NEVER said that
(mapek) thanks august
(Afton) maybe matthews put Jams on block
(matthews) no
(theneedle) see how rumors start
(August) Jameson, click on matthews name, to highlight it, right click, and see if IGNORE is checked
(matthews) tell her to right click then in control... unblock me "ignore"
(Brijette) Well I am confused. How did you know how her house was decorated, then?
(matthews) timing august
(jameson) No - and I did hit ignore then unignore to check that
(mapek) i'm confused, too ....
(matthews) I like Pam A LOT.... I talk to her sometimes
(August) Jameson maybe disconnect and then reconnect?
(matthews) rarely ANYTHING is said about all this bullshit


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