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October 19, 1998 - JT Colfax Letters from Boulder County Jail
The full unedited text of letters from J.T.Colfax
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1colfax - 05:58pm Oct 23, 1998 MST (#24 of 25)
James Thompson at Boulder County Jail

October 19, 1998 ~ Monday

John Ramsey might be somewhere in the metro area tonight even as I write, they should ARREST him while he is here for tomorrows deposition on the Miles thing.

I am locked down in my cell for 23 hours for having unauthorized "chapstick". THINGS get harder. Bad feeling of anticipation.

Oh, theres a ONE eye freak downstairs who is also on my kitchen shift. He said last night that a friend of his in Boulder has huge - all encompassing of JBR photos from "day one" after the murder. Further, he said the friend got arested at home for 'freaking out' while drunk. So the BPD came and SAW this AWFUL WALLFULL of JBR photos and did Nothing but continue to execute the drunken arrest.

He's just another inmate that I'd like to hollow out and use his corpse as a snowboard to get out of here. And he's a newspaper HOG, so you see, he's unforgiveable.

It's commissary order night I told "OPIE" my neighbor (who lives in Matthews old cell) to make sure Lydia the guard slides me an order form under my locked door. One can order up to $100 of slop every Monday night. It'll be delivered at a billion - 0'clock Wednesday morning, and send some up at that time, I always listen to the Peter Boyles show and if he's going real good on the Ramsey thing the word spreads. It's funny because the AM radio band doesn't come in up great up near the mountains and behind these walls. So you will see people standing with their arms in the air like trees staying in a position that works, luckily KHOW comes in GOOD in my cell so I can go back to bed, listen to the show and eat something from commissary. On certain cold mornings I can get a station called "KSTP" from Minneapolis/St Paul, clear as day - the Gus and Babs show" but it blinks out after awhile. THAT is ALL......

J.T. Colfax


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