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Story about the morgue log and starting the fire

October 20, 1998 - JT Colfax Letters from Boulder County Jail
The full unedited text of letters from J.T.Colfax
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Story about the morgue log and starting the fire

Colfax Diary; Oct.20th, 1998
1colfax - 07:50pm Oct 24, 1998 MST
James Thompson at Boulder County Jail

Saw nothing on noon news on Chan.9 about JR's-Steve Miles journey which'll be old news when this gets posted. But I did receive snailjailmail from Matthews and so I'll write on a conglomeration of subjects. Seemingly drooling spewing idiocally but actually I'm just in cell #2 under my headphones listening to Rob Zombie's "DRAGULA" while shuffling through 2 batches of "chatscripts" gleaning questions. Somethings I don't want to answer cause it's OLD and I'm looking forward to getting OUT. But they never were explained so I'll try. But I really want to get to something that happened with Brian Morgan and a private investigater.

I think she (Jennifer Geddes) used to come and take notes at my corpse hearings in Arapahoe County (South of Denver).(EVIL). So somewhere before Halloween I'd like to write on the subject of WHAT HAPPENED AFTER THE FIRE. But right now I'll try and answer some questions that I see others have posted.

1colfax - 08:21pm Oct 24, 1998 MST (#1 of 3)
James Thompson at Boulder County Jail

(Just saw Dep. Starr RUN out of the module in responce to a radio request for assistance)...But I tigress, I mean digest...

No, Andy, I've never met the Ramseys, but I lived in Atlanta in 1990 + have even been on West Paces Ferry, where I guess they live now. I took thew morgue records as a souvenir of a famous murder case. The Ramsey case was on About month FOUR at the time. I had to wait while picking up a corpse so I leafed thru the Log-in book and found the listing + took it. (he asked me to direct you to Westward here).

"WHO Killed JBR?" you ask. "oh jesus, oh jesus, oh jesus,-" I think Patsy did it. The police asked me more about her than about "JR".

I burned the home to figuratively - or - well - literally go "POOF" and state CLEARLY thru that action THAT I had heard about ALL I COULD STAND about murder from MANY detectives on MANY metro Denver homicide squads. It was thought, that perhaps I'd cremated someone I killed, I guess. A LOT of pressure. JBR was just ANOTHER ONE.

NEW SUBJECT: I brought up a story Re: "one eyed guy says friend had JBR shrine" and when arrested by the Boulder P.D., they showed only cursery interest. The one eyed guy actually has something WRONG with one eye and his name is BLAIR MEYERS. He'll be out of jail in days.

NEW SUBJECT: OFFSPRING "you've gotta keep em seperated".

NEW SUBJECT: I sat there on the Ramsey patio for HOURS. I was EXHAUSTED. I'd been lugging a duffelbag round all day. It was hot and humid. Basically the point or benefit or logic in the fire was to consolidate ALL my newfound legal cases by slamming myself back in jail and let THEM deal with it. And people want to say "Attention" etc., I could have done ALL SORTS of things even right there AT the R. house, but I did this and left ALONE- No "publicity" calls. I was beat. I laid down near Boulder Creek.

I called Det. Gosage at noon next day. I TRIED to call him the night before. If I'd had a return phone, the fire would have been averted. My useless wall phone was just another thing in my duffelbag. Oh, media can be fun and all, but how RAPINGLY GROTESQUE to have people say this fire was solely about "publicity" and gloss over my entrance into homelessness THAT VERY MORNING. What element "publicity"had was more in the form of a weapon against police overinvestigation.


1colfax - 08:43pm Oct 24, 1998 MST (#2 of 3)
James Thompson at Boulder County Jail

When I told Det. Gosage I started a fire at the R. house he said, "YOU WHAT?!!!!!!" And next thing you know - A year and a half later I am starting to look towards getting this behind me. 8 months to go.

But honestly it's time for Brian Morgan and Jennifer Geddes to know that I do, of course, DEEPLY RESENT what YOU DID at the Ramsey house on the morning of June 19th. 97. Not only is failing to call the police and moving evidence when YOU discovered a crime pretty screwed up when you are LEGAL proffessionals, it might be against the law.

I'll write more about this soon and am SO glad that at least one police report on this is posted on REDD HERING.

ALL I can do is EXPAND ON it but the big law firm need to be FORCED to explain it. And I saw in some "chatscripts" the question, "Why hasn't this been in the media?" I TRIED. But all that's wanted of me is to hop up and down with a lampshade on head. At least KHOW host peterboyles.com did let me bring it up for a moment on these lousy jail phones several months ago.


NEW SUBJECT: It's a very good musical period these days, "Harvey Danger", "FASTBALL", "Eve 6", "7 Mary 3", ect.

NEW SUBJECT: I was WAY suicidal. NO way could I have come back from being out of housing, to getting employed, to staying employed while resolving cases in 3 counties, while also receiving endless visits from homicide detectives (Ramsey or otherwise). The fire was a CARD to play to REORGANIZE all my troubles AT ONCE and to make it clear I'd had enough. It was not directed at the R's so much as th POLICE.(END)

J.T. Colfax


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