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JonBenet Ramsey Morgue Log

"I took the morgue records as a souvenir
of a famous murder case" (J.T.Colfax)


[JonBenet Ramsey Morgue Log]

J.T. Colfax (James Michael Thompson), 34 years old was arrested for theft under $100 and criminal mischief for stealing pages from a coroner's log book showing the arrival of JonBenet's body at the county morgue.

J.T. Colfax then became one of the murder suspects in the JonBenet Ramsey investigation.

Boulder detectives interrogated him, plucking hairs from his head as they made him write "daughter," "100 percent" and "SBTC" repeatedly on a sheet of paper in an effort to compare his handwriting to that found on the murder case's infamous ransom note. Colfax was released on bond put up by Jay Marvin.

May 22, 1997, from the article, "A Body of Work" by Patricia Calhoun:

"One day in late April, a call took Colfax up to the Boulder County morgue. He had to wait for a transfer, so he "shuffled around, went outside to smoke a cigarette, came back in, looked through the pages of a log book." That's when he saw the name: JonBenét Ramsey. Her body had come in December 26, 1996. While Colfax worked, he liked to shoot pictures. He decided to take a picture of the Ramsey page in the log book, too. But he couldn't figure out how to do it without someone noticing the flash. He took the book into a "cooler filled with buckets of brains," he remembers. "It never occurred to me to look for her brain. I was more interested in printed matter." But the cooler had windows, and he worried that someone could still see the flash. "So I just ripped the pages out."

February 5, 1998, from the article, "The sorry saga of J.T. Colfax" by Richard Fleming:

"Colfax phoned talk show host Jay Marvin of 630 KHOW-AM. Marvin was outraged that Boulder police were trying to hang the Ramsey murder on a destitute, unemployed patsy, Marvin bailed Colfax out. "They said I was obsessed with the Ramsey case, but if you go into a store and steal a Hershey bar, it doesn't mean you're obsessed with Hershey bars," he says."


Colfax Jail Diary: October 14, 1998

"Sometimes I wonder if I stumbled across one very sore point of stupidity in Mr. Meyer's part. I mentioned a sloppy tub full of brains on the top shelf of the cooler in the basement morgue of Boulder Community Hospital. I mentioned it in the BODY OF WORK article in Westword. Some OTHER homicide Detectives came and searched my room again at the YMCA when they read that. They kicked my bed from iats spot and asked me if I had any of JBR's body parts. Sick. But all I wonder is if what I implied in Westword might be true - that JBRs brains were just added onto the filthy pile negligently, if perhaps they were ruined as evidence by being mixed in with parts from other people. Could they be that stupid?"

Colfax Jail Diary: February 18, 1999

"I believe on the website you can download "Dear Clarksburg", a song done by one Randy Walker of S.F. When the story of the missing morgue logs broke, in a fit of pique I sent them to him. And OH, what happened then was RICH."

Colfax Jail Diary: February 19th through 21st, 1999

"As we know, I ripped two JonBenet pages out of les morgue log book while picking up an eye donating corpse in April of 97. Okay, so due to Dave Rodgers snitching about my posession of these wretched documents all my detectives..homicide detectives...get riled up again. And the throwing of these logs on les fire frosts les PATSY CAKE with the entrance of Ramsey detectives Gosage and Thomas. "Here they come just a poundin at my door".

"Yes, but where are those morgue logs TODAY? And the answer begins: When I was sitting ticking les vida away watching les TV and drinking les beer in the YMCA I saw on the news that it was known the logs were missing. Thinking no one knew where I was I hadn't checked my mailslot at the Y to realize that reporters had already visited, leaving their biz cards. So I hops into les action and snatches les logs off les floor and I wrote les note, (notes, notes everywhere) and I mailed les things to les friend Randy in les homosexuelle capital du San Francisco,see?"

"The next day, after seeing the news articles about les logs I decided this would not do. I try to get in touch with Randy with an asinine plan. This is difficult when you are a walking corpse on a payphone in Denver and the person you are trying to reach has a life in California. But I left a message with his partner Lee to send les logs anonymously to les Lions Lair bar on East Colfax avenue in Denver. The idea is he should contact les crime stoppers and perhaps les Chronicle to ensure that word of les impending arrival of les logs at les Lions Lair is KNOWN while they are in les mail. That way les police can scratch their heads wondering what that was all about. But Randy had apparently waddled to Stockton to visit family. My message didn't make it. And the morgue logs at this point just keep on sailing to San Francisco to wait in a pile on Randy's table for his return. And then...it gets good. Tomorrow."

Colfax Jail Diary: February 22, 1999

"Now, about les logs, where did we leave off yesterday? .......So I mail the logs to Randy in the Haight district of San Francisco,k? Then I tried to get him to immediately send them anonymously to les Lions Lair bar in Denver, but he doesn't get les message. So I end up finally just admitting it to reporters cuz after a week or so...well..right from the beginning they KNEW I stole les documents."

"But just before les admissions I finally got through to Randy, and this time I didn't have a newspaper with les Lions LAir's address in front of me. No, this time I had les fruity bi weekly, "OUTFRONT". So I had Randy send les logs anonymously to le randomly picked homosexuelle coffeehouse, "DADS"...another place I'd NEVER been to, just like les Lions LAir, which I'd passed by a million times with Corpsezilla. But Randy fails."

"Part deux of le operacion/scheme/plot/plan, which would have been to NOTIFY some OTHER source of the impending arrival of les logs at DADS, such as: the S.F. PD, or crimestoppers, and/or les S.F. Chronicle, k? So the last I KNOW is that les logs plopped into les mailslot at "DADS" anonymously. Now YOU interactive freaks out there are on your own in discovering their whereabouts. The logs you see somewhere on this website are XEROX copies. I know detective Gosage played phone tag-answering machine tennis with Randy and finally gave up."

"I don't believe it's officially known that the logs ended up at "DADS". Maybe it is...because a month or so after I arrived in les jail I wrote to about a dozen gay businesses (like CHARLIE's, BJ's, etc) telling them this thing. Perhaps these hot potato logs were even recovered well over a year ago, by les gendarmes. One of those things. Nobody laughs? (Personne ne rit?) Well...try."



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