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00-00-1994 (N) Associated Press: Beats a pen pal, I guess *
00-00-1994 (N) Next Magazine: I'm not shy, I'm ruined *
10-24-1994 (N) West Side Scenes: The Wall of Shame *

00-00-1995 (T) Dear Clarksburg Song by Randy Walker (Lyrics and Audio) *

05-10-1997 (N) RMN: JonBenet morgue records missing *
05-10-1997 (N) CNN: Police in Ramsey case seek missing pages from hospital *
05-12-1997 (N) Denver Post: Morgue logbook pages gone *
05-15-1997 (N) Westword: Fine Body Of Work *
05-22-1997 (N) Boulder Police Department Press Release *
05-22-1997 (N) Westword: Body Of Work *
05-22-1997 (N) Denver Post: Weird artist is the culprit *
05-23-1997 (N) RMN: Artist arrested in theft of morgue record *
05-23-1997 (N) Daily Camera: Arrest made in theft of morgue pages *
05-25-1997 (N) Denver Post: It's Ludicrous *
05-29-1997 (N) Westword: TV Or Not TV *
06-05-1997 (N) Westword: Pressing Engagements *
06-14-1997 (N) Daily Camera: Ramsey case notes might be missing, sources say
06-19-1997 (N) CNN: Man accused of trying to burn Ramsey mansion *
06-20-1997 (N) Associated Press: Artist Arrested In Ramsey house *
06-20-1997 (N) RMN: Ramsey Arson Suspect Held *
06-20-1997 (N) Daily Camera: Man tries to burn Ramsey house *
06-20-1997 (N) Denver Post: 'Artist' suspected in arson *
06-21-1997 (N) Daily Camera: Bail at $50,000 in arson case *
06-25-1997 (N) Longmont: Computer crack opens Ramsey interview *
06-26-1997 (N) Daily Camera: Denver man charged with Ramsey home arson *
11-27-1997 (N) Westword: Colfax described his encounter with Roberts *

01-00-1998 (N) Westword: The Ball's In Their Court *
02-05-1998 (N) Boulder Weekly: Sorry Saga Of J.T.Colfax *
02-21-1998 (N) Commercials Getting Ugly *
08-00-1998 (N) Colfax enters politics (Dottie Lamm-Colfax) *
08-00-1998 (N) Big Thompson Ribber: Joking jailbird on the Lam *
09-10-1998 (N) Westword - 09-10-1998 - The Mom Squad *
11-01-1998 (N) Boulder Weekly: Just Colfax, Ma'am *
11-11-1998 (R) Dave Lucas Radio Show (Hosted by Lance Matthews)
11-20-1998 (N) Boulder Weekly: Colfax Crowded Out of Boulder *
12-18-1998 (N) Digital City: High Hopes *
12-23-1998 (R) Dave Lucas Radio Show (Hosted by Lance Matthews)
12-30-1998 (R) Dave Lucas Radio Show (Hosted by Lance Matthews)
12-30-1998 (R) Dave Lucas Press Release Promo on Matthews and Colfax
12-31-1998 (R) Matthews "Dave Lucas Radio Show" Promo on Colfax

00-00-1999 (N) Westword: BEST DAILY J.T. COLFAX UPDATE *
01-01-1999 (R) Dave Lucas Radio Show (Hosted by Lance Matthews)
02-00-1999 (N) The first site I'll mention this month isn't your usual punk links *
01-07-1999 (T) Peter Boyles Show - Thursday, January 7, 1999 *
01-08-1999 (N) Hey, somebody gets Colfax (by Lisa Flowers) *
02-15-1999 (R) History of the February 15, 1999 Dave Lucas Radio Show
02-15-1999 (R) Dave Lucas Radio Show (Part 2 Special Show on the BNF)
02-15-1999 (R) Dave Lucas Radio Show (Part 6 Special Show on the BNF)
02-15-1999 (R) Dave Lucas Radio Show (Part 7 Special Show on the BNF)
02-18-1999 (T) Perfect Murder, Perfect Town (Colfax on page 288-291) *
02-28-1999 (N) Daily Camera: PERFECT CRIME, PERFECT JAIL *
07-01-1999 (N) Parting The Bars (by J.T.Colfax) *
07-01-1999 (N) Lance Matthews's News Release *
07-05-1999 (N) RMN: THE RAMSEY ARRESTS *
07-05-1999 (N) RMN: Ramsey case snags wide circle into its web *
07-08-1999 (N) Westword: J.T. Colfax, the performance artist, mortuary worker *
07-14-1999 (N) Denver Post: 'Colfax' free to be free spirit *
07-14-1999 (N) Longmont Times: One-time Ramsey suspect set free *
07-15-1999 (N) RMN: Man who tried to burn Ramsey house released from jail *
07-16-1999 (T) Peter Boyles Show (guest: J.T.Colfax) *
07-28-1999 (T) Colfax in Live Chat (#thecookiejar) *
10-14-1999 (N) Westword: Send in the Clowns - The JonBenét circus continues *
10-15-1999 (N) RMN: Ramsey saga puts many on collision course with the law *
10-21-1999 (N) Westword: Two Days in the Death of JonBenét *
12-23-1999 (N) Westword: Off Limits - In a class by itself... *
12-30-1999 (N) Colfax rides again: A Millennial missive from Boulder's prankster *

06-08-2000 (N) BoulderWeekly: Flake us to your leader *

01-25-2001 (N) City Beat: Curly Tales of the City *
02-14-2001 (N) Morgue photos have parallel in Colorado *
02-23-2001 (N) Associated Press: Cincinnati - GASP! *
06-15-2001 (R) History of Matthews bringing Colfax to the BNF/Dave Lucas Show


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