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J.T. Colfax was in Vancouver, Canada the night that JonBenet Ramsey was murdered in Boulder, Colorado. In his February 26, 1999 jail diary he wrote, "the truth is THE ANSWER was to have happened in Vancouver. As for les fire and note festival at la maison Ramsey."

For those who are reading this who wish to go beyond and understand why the fire at the Ramsey house happened you will have to read the story about "Vancouver" where Colfax gives an indepth account of his trip from San Francisco, California to Vancouver where he spent Christmas and from there to Denver, Colorado and then to Boulder to the Ramsey house.

February 5, 1998, from the article, "The Sorry Saga of J.T. Colfax" by Richard Fleming:

"However, the increasingly depressed Colfax had trouble enjoying his freedom, as police stepped up their surveillance campaign. "I was at a payphone on Logan and Colfax, and I got upset because I couldn't hear a message from this guy," he recalls. Colfax angrily beat the receiver against the phone and was at once surrounded by seven police officers, who jailed him for destruction of property. Released three days later on June 16, Colfax collected his duffel bag of belongings from a room he'd been renting at the Denver YMCA since he lost his body transport job and his apartment."

"He caught a bus to Boulder, drank some beer and made his way to 15th Street, where he was stopped by two New Jersey women who were looking for the house. "They got out of the car and took pictures of each other in front of the house. I told them what had happened to me and they took my picture," he says."

"After smoking cigarettes on the Ramsey's patio for several hours, Colfax decided to go ahead with his plan. "I was drunk and exhausted and depressed. I wanted to change the channel. So I did a temporary Cobain." Colfax grabbed some clippings on the murder from his duffel bag, tore some pages from the Anne Rice novel "Interview with the Vampire," lit them and shoved them through the mail slot in the front of the house. Nothing happened. "I knew the place wouldn't burn," he says now. After a time he took out some news clippings about himself, burned them around the edges and pushed them through the slot."

"Estimated damage was $500. Colfax was arrested and bail set at $50,000. He's been in jail ever since. "I probably would be dead now if I hadn't got arrested," he says. "(Jail) was a warm place to hide." On Jan. 17, Colfax agreed to a plea deal, getting two years. "I could have got 16 to 32 years," he says."


Colfax Jail Diary: October 14, 1998

"I burned the R. house after weeks & weeks of investigation. I burned it the day I came to the end of my rope financially. I sat on the Ramsey patio with a duffle bag containing my typewriter and a phone and radio. I forced myself out of the patio chair to go do what I did so I could STABILIZE my situation and free all the legalities I had before me. Only 2 months ago did I finish my Denver corpse photography case. SEE IT. I saw legalities stretching WAY out before me. I handled it in the desperate way I did."

"NEW SUBJECT: I sat there on the Ramsey patio for HOURS. I was EXHAUSTED. I'd been lugging a duffelbag round all day. It was hot and humid. Basically the point or benefit or logic in the fire was to consolidate ALL my newfound legal cases by slamming myself back in jail and let THEM deal with it. And people want to say "Attention" etc., I could have done ALL SORTS of things even right there AT the R. house, but I did this and left ALONE- No "publicity" calls. I was beat. I laid down near Boulder Creek."

"I called Det. Gosage at noon next day. I TRIED to call him the night before. If I'd had a return phone, the fire would have been averted. My useless wall phone was just another thing in my duffelbag. Oh, media can be fun and all, but how RAPINGLY GROTESQUE to have people say this fire was solely about "publicity" and gloss over my entrance into homelessness THAT VERY MORNING. What element "publicity"had was more in the form of a weapon against police overinvestigation."

"NEW SUBJECT: I was WAY suicidal. NO way could I have come back from being out of housing, to getting employed, to staying employed while resolving cases in 3 counties, while also receiving endless visits from homicide detectives (Ramsey or otherwise). The fire was a CARD to play to REORGANIZE all my troubles AT ONCE and to make it clear I'd had enough. It was not directed at the R's so much as the POLICE. (END)"

Colfax Jail Diary: November 27, 28, 29, 1998

"One of the lighters (Murphy) that I dropped into the R HOUSE (Rodney) I found at a busstop in nearby Chataqua Park.(1080). When first I arrived at the R house (space) it was way too LIGHT, so, (Katee) after just looking at it for awhile I went to the park (Jeff). I was lugging (Jacques) everything I could carry in a duffle bag (Kay). And to think I thought (Ruthee) the display could use the added touch of another lighter (Reese) on the floor. Auntiebj, do you have any asprin?"



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