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Part I - J.T.Colfax and the JonBenet Ramsey Case

Part II - James Michael Thompson aka J.T. Colfax

In the meantime, Lance Matthews, assisted by Lisa Flowers in the chat room, played guest host on the Dave Lucas Radio Show (WROW 590) in Albany, New York where he continued to promote Colfax on the show with the help of Dave Lucas in addition to producing and hosting over a dozen nightly shows on the Internet subculture surrounding the JonBenet Ramsey case. The radio shows lasted from November 11, 1998 through May 1, 1999.

The radio shows were recorded live off the Internet by ACandyRose and were converted to RealAudio where they were put on the the
Webdollie Real Audio web site owned and operated by ACandyRose. Lance Matthews used the Webdollie web site URL as part of his hard copy promotional advertising of the radio shows but would not publically admit until months later that the web site was created and owned by ACandyRose and not Lance Matthews or the Dave Lucas Radio show. Matthews comments to ACandyRose on May 8, 1999 as to why he never gave her credit for her work was, "I also thought if I credited you that some people would allow there bias and prejudice to stand in the way of reading and hearing the wonderful job you did on the RA and transcriptions."

Colfax's control over the promotional gig were the letters he was writing that Matthews had his "helpers" post on the web site and because of this extent of his involvement with the Internet, Colfax was moved from the Boulder County jail to the Gilpin County jail and then to the Douglas County jail and eventually back to the Boulder County jail.

"On November 11th I was moved to Gilpin...10 days later I moved to Douglas... and then on December 19th I returned here. It was an extremely stressful month in which I was also beaten up at Douglas. Upon return to Boulder I find that LT. HAAS has recieved blurry complaints from TEXAS, OREGON,AND FLORIDA about my internet activities being "INCITING" to inmates who have no ACCESS to the net. Because of this I am told that I can NOT work with the dangerous objects I've been surrounded by for 6 MONTHS in the kitchen without a write up"

Since the Boulder News Forum was considered the home forum for the J.T.Colfax daily diaries, some posters including Peter Boyles included Colfax as part of their parody stories as can be read from this archive file from the November 25, 1998 archive threads of the
1998 Thanksgiving Parade parody. For Christmas, another Internet poster (unknown at the time but whose identity was discovered a year later) created a parody web site on December 15, 1998 called "MABOOZER's" which was a parody site to diss the members of the Justice Watch forum and was an exact duplicate of Mrs. Brady's URL's web site and included a section called the The Colsmack Dump which was a parody site on J.T.Colfax. It is unknown who had the web site removed but it was only up for a couple days.

When the J.T.Colfax website was hacked, a poster under the hat name of "dick_t" started a thread on the Boulder News Forum titled, "Another One Bytes the Dust" with the message, " "Next time, maybe JT Colfax won't send a boy to do a man's job" and with that, a link to the hacked J.T. Colfax web site was included. Later it was learned that Matthews was the one who created the "dick_t" hat name and passed it around as a community hat to be shared by others to make postings on the Boulder News Forum. The daily diary letters that were lost in the hacking of the original Colfax website were eventually reconstructed on a new web site designed by a woman named Tara of www.sunnyday.com on March 14, 1999.

The infighting that became an all out war on the Boulder News Forum between some vindictive posters which included Lance Matthews actively in the "attack and counter attack" was so intense between November 1998 and March of 1999 that many threats were made to create situations that would violate Colfax's as well as Matthew's probabtion. Matthews, in turn posted threats to others revealing sensitive personal information and exposing real life employment and health information on others as he used faux hat identities that later proved to belong to him.

Matthew's "Valentine Day Special" posting on February 14, 1999 on the JonBenet Ramsey discussion forum of the Boulder News Forum was so vile and disgusting that many posters on the forums simply turned their backs to any and all projects Matthews was involved with and that included J.T.Colfax. Only a small group of posters continued to follow the Matthews ~ Colfax relationship and many voiced their opinion and concern that they didn't believe that Colfax really knew what was going on beyond his jail cell but they were afraid to write to Colfax as they didn't know the true relationship between Matthews and Colfax.

Lisa Flowers walked off the Boulder News Forum on January 19, 1999 with a closing thread titled,
OFF WITH YA. Matthews also left the Boulder News Forum temporally or some suspected that he was possibly posting in cognito. Then Matthews was invited on February 22, 1999 by another Internet poster under the hat name of Jameson, the moderator at the original Webbsleuths Community Forum that was owned and operated by another poster named Murphy to post the Colfax diaries on the open threads and where that forum owner, Murphy promised, "You're in WebbSleuths now. It's a nice place - We're able to have a civil debate without burning up in flames."Matthews had been promoting Jameson along with Colfax since the December 23, 1998 Dave Lucas show so it is possible that the invitation was more of a thank you.

On May 8, 1999 Dave Lucas left the WROW radio show which ended the live broadcasts covering the Internet subculture surrounding the JonBenet Ramsey case as well as Matthews promotions of J.T.Colfax and Jameson. Matthews posted on the BNF that Dave had been in an automobile accident with a drunk driver and that Dave called a
special last chat to explain his exit. Two years later it was learned that Dave had been fired from the radio show.

On May 18, 1999 Jameson was asked to resign as moderator of the WebbSleuths Forum for flaming other Internet posters and posting personal information. Jameson went on later to start her own Pro-Ramsey forum but not before she took the WebbSleuths name with her, a decision apparently based on the fact that that forum name was constantly used as part of Matthews sideshow promotional gig of Jameson on the Dave Lucas Radio show. The Colfax diaries did not become part of Jameson's new forum.

Lisa Flowers later ended her personal as well as business association with Matthews. Matthews went onto what he called bigger and better things working for another Internet broadcasting station at wbuz420.

In the meantime Colfax sat with his hands tied remaining incarcarated in the Boulder County jail.

Part III - J.T.Colfax and the JonBenet Ramsey Case

In PART III, Learn more about the Dottie Lamm-Colfax Campaign, the 1000 Noodle March, the story about the Pam Paugh telephone conversation recordings, Colfax on Peter Boyles, why Matthews and Colfax split up, Colfax's first live chat, the Colfax archive forum, the Y2K project, the Clarksburg project, the Wall of Shame and the strange parallels in Clarksburg.


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