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10-24-1994 (R) Colfax's "Wall of Shame" Project in New York City
12-21-1994 (R) Colfax's "Dear Clarksburg" Project in Clarksburg, West Virginia

00-00-1995 (R) Randy Walker's Letter About J.T. Colfax
00-00-1995 (R) Dear Clarksburg Song Audio and Lyrics by Randy Walker
07-06-1995 (G) Strange Parallels (Photo) 1995 Miss West Virginia

12-25-1996 (R) Colfax's Last days in Vancouver, Canada (Part I, II)
12-25-1996 (R) J.T.Colfax and the JonBenet Ramsey Murder case (Part I, II, III)
12-25-1996 (R) Colfax's "15th Street Party" Story

00-00-1997 (R) Colfax's Jailhouse Art Doodles 1997
05-07-1997 (R) Colfax's "Corpse Abuse" Story
05-22-1997 (R) Colfax's "Morgue Log Theft" Story
05-22-1997 (G) Colfax's "Morgue Log" Art
06-19-1997 (R) Colfax's Arrest Report Suppliment by Det. Steve Thomas (2pg)
06-19-1997 (R) Colfax's Arrest Report Suppliment by Det. Ron Gosage (2pg)
06-19-1997 (R) Crime Scene Photos (12 hours old) 755 15th Street Fire
06-19-1997 (R) Colfax's "Ramsey House Fire" Story
06-20-1997 (R) Colfax's Arrest Report Suppliment by Det. C. Weinheimer (2pg)
06-20-1997 (R) Colfax's Arrest Report Narrative (2pg)
06-20-1997 (R) State of Colorado vs James Michael Thompson (2pg)
06-22-1997 (G) Colfax's Mug Shot

00-00-1998 (R) Colfax's Jailhouse Art Doodles 1998
01-16-1998 (R) Colfax's Order For Commitment For Jail
01-16-1998 (R) Colfax's Probation Letter
01-16-1998 (R) Colfax's Probation Conditions
03-28-1998 (R) Colfax's Inmate Grievance Report
04-08-1998 (R) Colfax's Inmate Complaint Report (3pg)
00-00-1998 (R) Colfax's Settlement from Boulder County
08-00-1998 (R) Colfax's "Dottie Lamm-Colfax" Jail Campaign
10-14-1998 (R) Colfax's First Letter for the "The Colfax Diaries"
10-14-1998 (R) The Colfax Diaries ~ Letters from Jail
10-15-1998 (R) Redd Herring Web Site w/Colfax Arrest Report
10-17-1998 (R) The Dean Cole Story (The Colfax Diaries)
10-19-1998 (R) The "ONE eye" freak's friend w/JBR Photos (The Colfax Diaries)
10-20-1998 (R) The Morgue Log and Fire Story (The Colfax Diaries)
10-21-1998 (R) Jennifer Gedde and the Ramsey Fire (The Colfax Diaries)
11-11-1998 (R) Matthews Promotion of Colfax on the Dave Lucas Radio Show
11-11-1998 (R) Dave Lucas Radio Show (Hosted by Lance Matthews)
11-21-1998 (G) Colfax moved to Douglas County Jail
11-25-1998 (R) Thanksgiving Day Parade (Parody)
12-10-1998 (G) Matthews message in the Lou Smit Guest Book
12-15-1998 (R) The Colsmack Dump (and MaBoozer) Web Site (Parody)
12-19-1998 (R) Ramsey the Klown Promotion (Parody)
12-23-1998 (R) Dave Lucas Radio Show (Hosted by Lance Matthews)
12-26-1998 (R) The "Lou Smit" Plea Bargain Story
12-30-1998 (R) Dave Lucas Radio Show (Hosted by Lance Matthews)
12-30-1998 (R) Dave Lucas Press Release Promo on Matthews and Colfax
12-31-1998 (R) Matthews "Dave Lucas Radio Show" Promo on Colfax

01-01-1999 (R) Dave Lucas Radio Show (Hosted by Lance Matthews)
01-03-1999 (G) Colfax's Web Site Hacked Message
01-07-1999 (G) Colfax's Jailhouse Buritto Recipe
01-07-1999 (T) Peter Boyles Show - Thursday, January 7, 1999 (J.T.Colfax)
01-19-1999 (R) Lisa Flowers Farewell Post on the Boulder News Forum
02-15-1999 (R) History of the February 15, 1999 Dave Lucas Radio Show
02-15-1999 (R) Dave Lucas Radio Show (Part 2 Special Show on the BNF)
02-15-1999 (R) Dave Lucas Radio Show (Part 6 Special Show on the BNF)
02-15-1999 (R) Dave Lucas Radio Show (Part 7 Special Show on the BNF)
02-18-1999 (R) Colfax Story in "Perfect Murder, Perfect Town" page288-291
03-14-1999 (R) Colfax's Diaries Reconstructed by Tara of Sunnyday.com
04-03-1999 (R) Party Christmas night near the Ramsey House Story
04-03-1999 (G) Party Christmas night near the Ramsey House Map
04-31-1999 (G) Colfax's Boulder County Jail Map
05-08-1999 (R) Dave Lucas' Last Live Chat (Exit from WROW)
05-13-1999 (R) Patsy Manson (by J.T.Colfax) (Parody)
05-26-1999 (R) Mrs. Brady's Birthday Card (by J.T.Colfax)
07-01-1999 (R) Lance Matthews News Release on Colfax's Release From Jail
07-13-1999 (R) The "1000 Noodle March" Story
07-16-1999 (T) Peter Boyles Radio Show (Guest: J.T. Colfax)
07-22-1999 (T) Lance Matthews Live Chat on Pam Paugh Phone Recordings
07-26-1999 (R) The "Lance Matthews Story" (by ACandyRose)
07-28-1999 (T) Colfax Live Chat in the #thecookiejar (Part I, II)
10-12-1999 (R) Colfax Reporting on the Grand Jury Media
10-30-1999 (R) J.T.Colfax Archive Forum Directory (created by ACandyRose)
11-00-1999 (R) J.T.Colfax Diaries Reconstructed on FortuneCity Site
12-30-1999 (N) Colfax's "Y2K" Project at the Denver Libary

04-06-2001 (R) Colfax's Letter to former Det. Steve Thomas
05-29-2001 (R) Colfax Reporting on the Linda Arndt Trial


00-00-0000 (R) Media Coverage
06-19-1997 (R) Legal Documents
00-00-0000 (R) Colfax Parody, Satire, Writings


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